Jul 09

Online MLM Tips For Building On A Budget – Advertising

Are you building an online mlm and looking for ways to save money? Check out these online mlm tips for advertising your business on a budget.

  Online MLM is not much different than offline MLM especially when it comes to introducing people to your network marketing company. You just need to be able to take the tools and essentials you need offline and convert them into online practices. Sound confusing??

That’s ok… let me explain. online mlm

When you are in network marketing on the internet chances are you have been exposed to some of the basics you need to get good at if you want to be successful in making this your career. To be successful in this profession the most important thing you need to concentrate on is building relationships with your prospects. This is true in either world (online or offline). You are probably pretty familiar with how to do that when your not on the internet but how do you build a relationship with a prospect in this crazy internet world? It’s actually very easy if you put some time and thought into it. There are some things you can incorporate into your online mlm process of advertising and recruiting that make prospects feel like they are getting to know you even before talking to you.  

Your probably wondering how do I build a relationship with my prospects in online MLM? It’s nothing like talking face to face with someone.

First things first, that is true. It’s not the same. It’s learning a new skill-set and that’s what we are going to dive into in this portion of Online MLM Tips For Building On A Budget. mlm tips advertisingThis all ties in to one very important thing. Advertising!! Advertising is the lifeblood of any business. It’s what creates a stream of prospects or leads coming in.

However, advertising can be very expensive especially if you are starting out and not very experienced. You can drop a LOT of money without even knowing what you are doing…. like I did:). I had to learn the hard way.

The very BEST way to build a relationship with your prospect on this big huge internet full of noise coming at them is to use one simple thing. VIDEO! It may sound strange but there are people that I get on the phone with that feel like they know me just because they have watched my videos. 

Video can be incorporated in SO many different ways ain online mlm and it literally costs nothing.

online mlm


Did you know YouTube is topped only by Google? It’s become the 2nd largest search engine. Even better, Google owns YouTube now so they LOVE to serve up YouTube videos when someone is searching for something.

This makes it really easy for you to use this powerful method in your advertising.  I will show you in one of the later installments how you can actually incorporate video into your process. What I want to focus on is how you can start doing video without spending a lot of money. 

I know you are probably a little video shy and that’s ok. I will still tell you ANYONE can do video, BUT to make you feel better I am going to give you some resources that are of course FREE to use to create desktop recording videos.

In online MLM this can be great for doing things such as tutorials, recording PowerPoint presentations… all sorts of things. It allows you to take the step of doing video without having to jump in front of the camera.  Not sure what to do a video about? Don’t worry we will get into that too. There are many things you can talk about when it comes to online mlm or even the tips you are learning right now. First let’s get to the basics of how to use these resources to create professional looking videos without spending the money on expensive professional software.  Are you ready to get started?? I hope so!! Let’s get started. Go to -> Desktop recording software for your online mlm

Jul 09

Online MLM Tips For Building Your Business On A Budget – Using Screenr

Looking for online mlm tips for building on a budget? Here’s more on video marketing.


online mlmWelcome back!! Today it’s part 2 in my new series of online mlm tips that will help you build your home business on a small budget. In the last post I talked about how to get the most basic computer software you need for free. This week we are going to cover something even more powerful and can directly effect the success of your business. Advertising. 

Advertising is key to any business including an online mlm. If you are on a budget a great way to build up prospects and leads is through video marketing. You might be like a lot of people when they get started in video and are feeling a bit shy. That’s ok I have a great solution for you.

Advertising- Building An Online MLM On A Budget – How to create awesome desktop tutorials for free.

Recording video of your desktop can be really powerful. It allows you to do tutorials on the most basic things that many of the people in your target market could need help with. You can still produce videos and by doing that offer value to your prospects without having to get right out in front of the camera right away :). 


As far as I am concerned Camtasia is by far the best software for these kinds of things but it comes with a hefty price tag that many getting starting in online mlm just can’t afford right off the bat. So then that brings you to the next problem which free software is the best to use? 

There are many opinions on that but my personal opinion is Screenr. As I show you in the tutorial above it is really simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require you to download any software onto your computer. Since you can save the files that you record it allows you to escape the most common problem with free video software like 5 min time limits and the inability to edit them. In the next post on online mlm tips I will go over a free way to not only edit your videos for free but jazz them up a little bit too.  

To download Screenr click here.

How will video software help me with my online mlm?

Video is one of the best ways for building a business in network marketing on the internet because it’s such an effective way to connect with prospects. One of the most important things you have to understand about online mlm is when it comes down to it … it’s not that different than building a MLM network-marketing business offline. It’s about building relationships. 

You can have the best MLM online and it quite frankly doesn’t matter if you aren’t able to connect with your prospects. Many marketers feel the best way to do that in online mlm is to leverage all the tools the internet has to offer and really use them to your advantage. Video is one of the top ways to do that. 

Next up… how to edit the videos that you create with Screenr.

Want more online mlm tips about video?

You can visit my online mlm training system here

Nov 26

Money Saving Tip #1 For Building An Online MLM On A Budget – The Basics

Today is our first installment of building your online mlm on a budget. We are going to start with the most basic technology every computer owner needs!


online mlmToday we are going to cover one of the most tools you can use to get started building your online mlm. In fact it’s one of the most basic things that almost ALL computer users use, you don’t have to just be a business owner.

One of the first things people get whenever they get a computer all set up is Microsoft Office. It’s used by students, business owners and just the average computer user. The tricky part is it can get expensive if you don’t already have it when you start your business in online mlm business.

While of course it’s not necessary for building a business in MLM Network-Marketing but it sure does offer some perks.

Here’s a few ways it can help you if your building an online mlm on a budget …


Video marketing is a powerful and free method of building a business online. It’s one of the best MLM marketing tools you can use. Here’s why… Some people are pretty camera shy when they start out online so having PowerPoint is an easy way to get around that. Recording PowerPoint presentations can make building your online mlm a little but easier.

Another great tool is Word. It can be used to create ebooks that you can give away. Offering value to your prospects is powerful and essential to your success online.

Like I said… if you don’t have Microsoft Office it can be expensive and you already have some necessities you have to get out of the way. Today I’m going to show you a simple alternative. It’s called Open Office.

You can download Open Office from

Here are the direct links… For PC click here For Mac click here

[divider type=”dots” width=”halfwidth” align=”aligncenter”]

Open Office has some advantages and some disadvantages. Let me start with the disadvantages first. If you have used Microsoft Office recently you may be used to some of the advances they have made over the years that make using the software a little bit easier. Open Office I personally think operates very similar to Office 2003. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t have very many bells and whistles. The good news is it’s free. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to be successful in online mlm.

It’s free to use and just like using Microsoft Office. If you are new to Open Office you can follow the video above and learn exactly how to the software and get started. –>

Each of the programs are basically the same but they have a different name so here is a little cheat sheet you can follow.

online mlm

If you have any problems feel free to bookmark this page and come back and post them in the comments section. I will get back with you asap! So.. until tomorrow I hope you enjoy this installment of building an online mlm on a budget!

Nov 18

New Series – Money Saving Tips For Building An Online MLM On A Budget


Getting started in online mlm can get expensive. Today I’m going to start an entire series with some free resources you can use to help move your business forward.


online mlm

In the years I have been online there have been so many resources that have come out that can be used if you are trying to build an online mlm on a budget. Some of them have been around for years and you just may not know about them, I sure didn’t when I started!

Others are newer and are much more advanced technology to help you build your MLM Network-Marketing opportunity online on a budget.

Before I kick off this series I want to be really clear to you about one very important thing. While it is very easy to build a business on a small budget especially if you are starting out it’s not possible to build a business with NO budget. There are so many people who come online looking to make extra money and they need it quickly. I understand that, I was in your shoes not too many years ago!! However, I would be doing you a HUGE disservice to let you believe that you can build a profitable business without any budget at all.

If you take this series and use these resources though you can take the budget that you have, however small it may be for building your online mlm and reroute your budget to other things that you might need to either get started and move to the next level. These are awesome resources that I WISH I knew about when I started in the MLM Network-Marketing profession. It would have saved me alot of money and by using these resources you can take some of your budget and re-route it to things you do need to get started or move your business forward.

In anything you do always make sure you are treating your business like a business. No one would ever start a business with no advertising budget for example.. but yet many marketers try to do that online and wonder why they fail… so that’s it.. I’ll get off my soapbox and get you to the good stuff :).

You may be wondering…. what will I learn about building an online mlm on a budget?


In this series I am going to give you ALOT of resources. Many of them are for anyone building an online mlm. Some will be some great MLM marketing tools, while others will be basic needs that any home business owner or even computer owner needs. What makes them great though is they are free!

Make sure as I go through this series that the resource of the day is something you actually need right now before you spend too much time getting into it. There are going to be resources that are good for anyone and there will be some that will be handy for those using particular marketing strategies.

Don’t let anything take away from building your online mlm. You can always come back and look into that resource when your ready to use it.

Let me give you an example.. a few of the resources are great if you who want to get into video marketing or want to advance your video marketing skills. If you aren’t using video marketing and you have a strategy that is working for you don’t waste your time right now learning how to use that tool. Make sense??

Take the items that can help you now and put them into practice today!  The only way to truely be successful with online mlm or even affiliate marketing is to stay in action!! I’m pretty sure that most of these resources will help anyone though!

If you have been online for a while you may remember Mike Dillard’s old series about Building On A Budget. It was an awesome course and helped so many people back then, but that was I think about 4 years ago and there really hasn’t been anything that has come out since then. There are so many new great resources that have come out in that time and of course as always the entire internet has changed so I think it’s time for an update!!

So stay tuned… your first installment starts tomorrow. 

You can also check out the series on YouTube as well. Building An Online MLM On A Budget.

Karen Pore

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Jul 20

MLM Marketing System – Making One Work For You

Struggling to make a mlm marketing system work for you? Here are some tips that will take your primary business to the next level starting today!

mlm marketing systemIt’s not hard to find a mlm marketing system anymore on the internet. They seem to be popping up everywhere with more and more features than a network marketer could have dreamed of years ago. While they may be easy to find one have you ever wondered why some people succeed using them and others just don’t? Having had a lot of success using systems and the experience of building a system myself for my team I can tell you there is a science to “winning” with a mlm marketing system. One of the biggest culprits that leads to failure in a system is lack of focus or never even getting started. Everyone has a different level of commitment and some people forget that commitment requires a lot of focus. It’s easy to go into a system and see this mass amount of information and wonder where you are supposed to start. If you want to avoid that problem there is a really simple answer….. just start! Go through and do your basic set up, almost all mlm systems are pretty much the same. Your affiliate accounts, your auto responder all of your basics then you can generate some income while your learning. Make sure you add your primary business so that you are feeding prospects into your business through the mlm marketing system you are using. After that just get moving. You can come to a system with the best intentions but if you can’t find some focus you will continue to listen to training call after training call and never move forward. Always remember you have two goals online regardless of what you are doing. Those two goals are to generate leads and convert leads. Once you learn how to do it then your next step is to simply learn how to get better at it :). Easier said than done right? Here’s a little nugget that I think will make all the difference for you.

Understand this: Traffic is the currency of the internet. Everything you are doing comes down to this one simple thing. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!

mlm marketing systemA lot of marketers never figure out the science to traffic and I understand that but if you want the best shot at figuring out a traffic/lead generation method that works for you I suggest you stick with this one simple plan. You have to master something. That’s right. Using a mlm marketing system is no different than real life. Would your rather be really good at something or mediocre at everything? Most people would say they would rather be really good at something. Use that mindset when you attack the traffic generation strategies in your system. Pick one that you like and master it. You may be thinking well I don’t “like” any of them. Give it some time. At first they may seem like work but you will find you are drawn to a particular strategy and as you get better at it and start to see results you will start to find it fun. I promise!


Here’s how you use a mlm marketing system to come up with your plan!


It does take some time to find that strategy so when you first get started you can mess around in your mlm marketing system. Keep trying some things and see what clicks with your personality the best. There are a lot of great mlm marketing strategies to choose from you just need to pick. But once you decide then it’s time for that focus and dedication to come out. You need to put your blinders on and work only on that one strategy.  Once you do then take in any training on that method and continue to focus 100% on it and you will see you will get better at it. You should really commit 180 days to it and that’s just doing that one strategy for the 180 days so you can get true results. I learned the hard way when I first started online I did a lot of article marketing but after a month or so I didn’t see results so I moved on to something else. Then about 2 months later the leads started to come in. If I would have kept writing at the pace I was then those leads would have been coming in like crazy! After that 180 days you can continue to do the method you are using and then use your mlm marketing system to find the next strategy you want to jump on. You never know the first one may be great but I also encourage you not to put all your eggs in one basket. The one thing that is constant on the internet is constant change. You don’t want to have all of your leads coming from one place and then there be a drastic change. Then you essentially have to start all over. However, do take the time to master something before you move on. So now you know what you need to do to hand the two most important tasks you have to master online – get leads & convert leads let’s move on to the biggest questions most people ask.


How does my primary business fit into my mlm marketing system?


mlm marketing systemThere are many marketers who have this problem. In fact you can be really successful at using a mlm marketing system and still not quite understand this. The fact is if you take the things I said before and first focus on mastering lead generation then you will be doing what you need to do. It’s often referred to as “feeding the funnel”. Your mlm marketing system is your funnel. It’s your way of weeding out the bad prospects from the good, your way to generate income from prospects who are never going to join your business and a way for you to learn. Sometimes it’s just about running the numbers. The more traffic you get the more leads you get in your auto responder. The more leads you get the more members you get in your system. The more upgraded members you get into the system then the more people you will be able to enroll in your primary business. There are some ways you can tweak your mlm marketing system to make that process go a little more on auto pilot and maybe up your numbers. Take any part of the system you can and personalize it. You want to brand you within the system and build a relationship with your prospects as much on auto pilot as possible. Let me give you an example. Try recording a welcome video, putting it on YouTube and putting that link in a welcome email to your new members. Then each time your auto responder sends out that email it’s welcoming your members in a more personal way on auto pilot. Encourage them in your video to connect with you. Maybe find you on Facebook. This will help you weed out the duds for sure. I hope you find these few little tips helpful! You can find more tips on using a mlm marketing system you can check out my free 7 day bootcamp. Grab a copy here.

Oh I almost forgot… if you would like more tips on using a mlm marketing system you can check out my previous post how to position yourself as a leader within a mlm system.


Jul 19

5 Online MLM Tips Your Upline Isn’t Telling You

The 5 biggest tips to success that any online mlm business owner needs to know today!!

online mlmThe ability to build an online mlm has brought the decades old network marketing profession to an entirely new audience. With the global reach that the internet provides many people find it appealing that they can build a truly global business. Unfortunately, when you get started it can be hard to find a sense of direction, especially with so many companies and uplines stuck in the Stone Age.

Today I’m going to give you a few tips that you can use to build an online mlm successfully.


online mlm presenceTip #1 - The first tip is for those who are new to online mlm and also for those who have some experience but just have never started with the basics. You see the real key success for anyone on the internet is having some sort of presence. If you are talking with prospects or people stumble upon your marketing the first thing they will do is Google you name. What will they find? Will they find anything? The first thing you need to do is start to establish some sort of internet presence. This will give you credibility in the marketplace and also help you with building a long term sustainable business. You can do this through many mediums and you don’t have to do it all at one time. You can use resources such as Facebook, a self-hosted WordPress blog, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites to get started.

Tip #2 –  involves this presence or brand that you want to start to build online. Many online mlm-ers get this one wrong and it’s really important…. It’s important that your brand or presence is about you, not your network marketing company.  Always remember.. People join people.. not businesses.

Your goal with your internet presence is to build relationships with your prospects and let people get to know the real you. This will attract more people to you. That’s why this process is often referred to as attraction marketing. Let’s just be honest, your company doesn’t need any help branding themselves, but you do.

Tip # 3 - With so much out there what do I focus on to build a successful online mlm?

network marketing lead generationThis is a question that I get all the time!! The #1 problem most business owners have regardless of their profession is lack of leads. It doesn’t matter if you have what you think is the best mlm online, to be successful you need a constant flow of new people to talk to. It comes down to this – if you don’t have leads you don’t have a business. What’s even more powerful is gaining the knowledge to generate those leads yourself for your own business. Without that knowledge you will be at the mercy of your upline or even worse lead vendors. Lead generation is what you are striving to learn on the internet and to be honest is something you will always be learning.

To truly be successful at online mlm you have to master one strategy you will want to add another. The more leads you have the more successful your business. I learned the hard way after my first couple of years online this simple truth. The only lead you want is a lead you generated yourself.

There is never a time where you want to buy leads from someone. These are people who are not per-disposed to what you have to offer and many times you will spend a lot of money to end up on the phone with people who just aren’t interested in what you have to offer. They usually filled out some random survey online for a free prize and then a lead company turned around and sold their name to you and 9 other network marketers. Yes, lead generation can be hard when you are starting out but there’s plenty of training online that will allow you to generate those leads yourself which really is your first step to financial freedom. If you aren’t sure how to start this process you will see more in tip #5.

What is the biggest mistake that most people building an online mlm make?

online mlm target marketTip #4 –  They never define their target market for their online mlm. This goes right into lead generation. For many business owners this gets very confusing from the moment they sign up in their business and it usually comes directly from network marketing companies or uplines. The first task you will be given is to tap into what is call your warm market. This usually means make a list of your friends and family and then try to recruit them. Once you have exhausted that list then you usually told to now get into what is called your cold market (someone you don’t know at all). One of the more popular methods that is taught is to buy a bunch of business cards and talk to anyone and everyone that you meet about your business. If this method is what you are left with, talking with complete strangers when network marketers come online they usually feel their target market is …. well…. anyone. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t just want to work with anyone. You need to decide who your perfect prospect and that is your target market.

Why is my target market important to my online mlm?

This is the most important tip that far too many people in “online mlm” don’t realize until they have been on the internet for some time and then they have wasted time and a lot of money. Developing your target market is crucial because it allows you to laser focus your marketing and really touch your prospect. You want to think of the type of person that you work the best with. The type of person that you want to spend time with. This now means that you can really appeal to that audience with your marketing and also you can work with a type of person that works well with your personality.

Tip #5- Now the last tip, I have saved the most important for last. This tip takes every tip before this and puts them all together. you need to have the right online mlm marketing tools and it is possible to have a place where you can put it all together. Without that you really don’t have a business. So far we have talked about developing your presence, understanding lead generation and who you should be targeting. Now you need to learn how to put all these tips into play.

You need a way to learn but also be able to recruit people at the same time. The very best way to do all of this is by using a online mlm marketing system. This will allow you to learn how to market, learn how to build your presence and help do the same for anyone that you recruit. You have to think about duplication. Ask yourself this question “Can the person that you are talking to about your business do exactly what you just did to recruit them”? Why? Because that’s the first thing your prospecting is going to be thinking about.

Success in online mlm really comes down to helping other people. In fact that’s really the only way to be successful. A system will make that even easier for you because you don’t have to know it all. I know this can seem like a lot to digest at one time, but I assure you using a system will help this all come together in the steps it needs to and be easy enough to understand regardless of your level of expertise. If you need help finding a system I have put together a marketing and training platform that anyone building an online mlm can use. In fact you can take it on a free test drive by clicking the button below!

If you would like more information on online mlm you can grab a copy of my free 7 day internet marketing bootcamp that will help you get started! 



May 22

The Passionate Entrepreneur – Free Ebook

the passionate entrepreneurHave you ever wondered why your business just isn’t ever where you want to it to be? I know many of us including myself at times have looked at life and thought what am I doing?? The same can be true even when you are doing what you are truly passionate about. You get so caught up in the next goal, the next milestone you never stop and determine what does success look like to you? Yes, you set goals to meet but what does success, in your heart really feel like?

The Passionate Entrepreneur by Steve Adams is a great book to put it all into perspective for you. He talks about his struggles to go from the 40 hour work week world to building his own American dream… being an entrepreneur but that in itself wasn’t enough to make him happy. He realized he never figured out what success WAS for him! The truth is that definition is different for all of us and The Passionate Entrepreneur helps guide you to that path. The real truth is you will go through some great challenges to accomplish your dream and you will make mistakes but what you learn from them is what determines who is successful and who isn’t.

the passionate entrepreneur bookRight now you can grab a copy of The Passionate Entrepreneur by Steve Adams from Amazon for free (kindle edition) today only! Don’t worry you don’t need to have a Kindle to read it! You can download a reader to your computer or even your smartphone if you want to read it while you are out and about for free too.

Click here to get your copy. The Passionate Entrepreneur

Grab a copy of it today. I’m anxious to hear your feedback on what you think of the book!! I think The Passionate Entrepreneur is a great read!!

May 02

Entrepreneur Magazine $4.50 Yr

One of my favorite blogs is the Krazy Coupon Lady. I have never hidden that I am a thrifty couponing fool and I LOVE a good deal. Well today I have a deal that will help YOU out!! Entrepreneur Magazine is a must have for any home business owner. The normal subscription is about $18 a year but it’s well worth it. Today and today only you have the chance to get Entrepreneur Magazine for $4.49 a YEAR (up to 4 YEARS)!! What’s even better is if you already subscribe to the magazine you can go ahead and renew your subscription today.

Entrepreneur Magazine is THE leading authority in small business or home based business news. It’s a great resource and covers so many subjects in our industry. Advertising both offline and online, establishing a successful brand, tips to running your business more effectively … there are so many things packed into each issue.


To take advantage of this offer you need to click the link below:

Click Here For Discount Mags

Then use the code KRAZY at checkout.

Mar 22

MLM Prospecting Systems – Branding Made Insanely Simple

MLM Prospecting Systems – Branding Made Insanely Simple

Personal branding can make using mlm prospecting systems. Here are some simple tips that will help you get started with simple branding.

mlm-prospecting-systemIn my last post I talked about how to position yourself as a leader when you are using mlm prospecting systems. There are some simple tweaks you can make within most systems to set yourself apart. The next thing we will cover is how to connect with your prospects so they even have the interest in seeing you in the first place.

Many people refer to this as branding or attraction marketing. The easiest way to understand it is to simply think it this way. What can you do online to make people, or your prospects interested in what you have to say? A really simple way to do that is to stop and think of the things that your prospects need. What do they need the most help with? Is it marketing tips, is it prospecting advise? Then find your strong suits that you can share with them.

This positions you within these mlm prospecting systems where your prospects come through what you have already set up and want to connect with you. You have already put yourself in a place where you are offering solutions to your prospects vs selling which is key! This is what many people refer to as “building a relationship” with your audience.

An important thing you need to remember when you are using mlm prospecting systems is this.

No one likes to be sold, but everyone LOVES to buy!

As consumers we all want to buy. That’s why so many people live beyond their means. In fact many can’t control their need to buy. What you have to do is tap into what they are thinking and find the triggers that make them want to buy what you are selling. The very best way to do this is by simply taking the time to offer value and help your prospects. After all a “mlm prospecting system” is set up to help you building your business, right? Well that system won’t do you much good if you turn off your prospects from your first communication with them.

If you are worried and thinking I really don’t have anything to offer I assure you that couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of your level of experience you know more than the guy who’s a day behind you. It’s just a matter of positioning and posturing yourself in the right way. The ability to expand your knowledge is one of the biggest perks of using a mlm prospecting systems.

Unsure what you have to offer?

Take problems you have had in the past that you had to solve in your business. Chances are you had to go through a process to solve those. All you need to do is document what you had to do to solve that problem. You can do that by creating a video about it, writing an article or even a blog post. That’s all this process really entails. You don’t need to say you’ve made a million dollars online for people to respect what you have to say.

This is where trust is important and what will bring your prospect through you mlm prospecting systems. Think about this for a moment. You are bringing people through your system to enroll them in your primary business. That’s really the bottom line in all of this.

mlm prospecting systemStop for a moment and put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Would you rather join someone who is going to help you or someone who hides behind a website? You want to join someone who is going to help you! That’s all you need to do.

Putting in just this little bit of effort on your part while you are using a mlm prospecting system will create a trust that will not only build a responsive list but many more business partners.

Mar 08

Residual Traffic – A Revolution In Traffic Generation


Residual Traffic – A Revolutionary In Traffic Generation



Residual traffic strategies simplified for any marketer. Here the top four strategies that I love that will generate traffic for life to your site.

  Residual traffic is nothing new to seasoned marketers. In fact it’s where most internet marketers derive their traffic from. However, many people feel like it’s too complicated to teach new marketers and leave them stranded out in the cold jumping from strategy to strategy trying to master skills that are quite frankly no less complicated. If you are new to the internet there is going to be a learned curve for you. Why not start out with a leg above your competition by learning the residual traffic strategies most guru’s use without telling you.  

So what is residual traffic?

    Most of us have heard of residual income on the internet. In fact the network marketing profession is quite popular in the home based business world so many of you are in the profession of network marketing on the internet. Residual traffic is really no different than the concept of residual income. You do the work once and profit from it forever. To understand how to generate residual traffic you do need to have some understanding of how the internet works. But if you are going to run a business on the internet I really think it’s important that you understand how it works anyway! That just makes sense. When you are running a business online it’s not enough just to have a website. You need to know how to get people to that website. For many new marketers that only happens through word of mouth or advertising to their website. While it can take some time to see results it is possible to set up marketing that points back to your website. Once you set this marketing up it’s out there on the internet forever, always point back to your website.

There are many ways to generate residual traffic, but here are my top 4!

* Blogging * Article Marketing * Video Marketing * PPC Marketing   Each of these methods will take some time to master but are for sure going to bring “residual traffic” to your website. The best way to get started is to master one method at a time. I do recommend that you start with blogging because it can become the foundation of everything you do online. It’s a great place to put your videos and articles as you expand into those methods. Running a business on the internet is not much different than in the offline world. As your business expands you are more successful. The same is true online. Expanding your real estate online or establishing new websites is important but the most important by far is your blog. You can build residual traffic for years to come using it.   There is one key thing you must master for any of these residual traffic strategies and that is using keywords. If you aren’t familiar with keywords they are very simple to understand. When someone goes to a search engines and types something in to a search bar that brings them to your website that is a keyword. A keyword is simply a search term. The key to residual traffic is targeting the RIGHT keywords. It’s not extremely complicated but it’s something you must master if you want to run a business online. As I said before why would you run a business online without understand how the internet works. Keywords ARE how the internet works so whether you want to master residual traffic strategies or not you need to understand keywords and how they apply to you.   Last year I established an internet marketing and training center called Online Green Profits. It’s designed to teach marketing skills such as residual traffic so you can be successful online. If you aren’t sure exactly how keywords work or would like to learn more about residual traffic click here to sign up for a free account.    

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