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Name: The Online Marketing Mom
Date registered: December 18, 2010


I a work from home mommy with 2 wonderful kids and two doggies. I enjoy teaching others marketing techniques to move their home businesses forward.I really appreciate what a home business has provided to help other people see the same thing and really start to enjoy their lives not just live. So if you want the same thing no matter what age you are it's up to you to make a change in your life. Don't ever sit around and wait as time is not guaranteed to us. Start living today. If I have been able to find success you will be able to too!

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  1. It may not stop but sometimes I just wish it would slow down & give me time to think. – from Instagram — March 25, 2017
  2. Saw this for the 2nd day in the gym & realized why I liked it so much…. @tracyguillott @texploration have it!!! you guys! – from Instagram — March 23, 2017
  3. I'm surrounded by a lot of reminders of this right now. If they can all remember it surely we can too. – from Instagram — March 23, 2017
  4. I feel like singing Let it go, let it go lol. Ohhh frozen. We can't control all things in life but we can control how we react to them. #nevergiveup2017 #doublenickelnation Happy Friday everyone!! Miss you all. – from Instagram — March 10, 2017
  5. Warm food has never looked so good in my life! – from Instagram — March 1, 2017

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Jan 10

Someone else might need this today too. #wontgiveup #wordstoliveby #youareneveralone – from Instagram

Jan 01

No crazy resolutions this #takebackmylife2016 is now…..drumroll….. #nevergiveup2017 like it. A lot harder to achieve but that's ok. – from Instagram

Dec 29

Years of after Christmas shopping has finally paid off. Always wanted a 2nd tree that was white. I'm sure it will not surprise you to know I have many ornaments already & special wrapping paper for said tree . So next year I will have my white tree decorated in silver, black with just a touch of red. Can't beat $20 either. – from Instagram

Dec 19

Guess it only took two years for another one? #snowdayfun #snowdays – from Instagram

Nov 30

No matter what you are going through someone else's load is a bit heavier. Take time to do something when you can even if it's just holding the door, smiling at the cashier… I've noticed if I open my eyes you find people need help everywhere. I know I wouldn't be here today if an entire "village" didn't believe that. I could never say thank you enough to my close family & friends but thanks to my village too. – from Instagram

Nov 28

Every year I think I share this every year ?. Claire decided Shelby was her BFF that day :) – from Instagram

Nov 24

Thank you Popeyes for Thanksgiving dinner ? – from Instagram

Nov 22

Today is the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. I know this quote has been relevant at so many times in our counties past but it feels so relevant now. Change has to start within us and move through our own communities, not in Washington. #ripjfk #jfkassassination #wordstoliveby #wordsofwisdom #rememberingjfk – from Instagram

Nov 19

I'm the cat in the box. Buried in some s*%t. Won't you come and save me…… save me… lol. Alice & Chains anyone?? #maninthebox #catinthebox #aliceandchains #songlyricsarelife #songlyricsinmybrain – from Instagram

Nov 17

I know some parents who just might need this today lol. #thiswontlastlong #theygrowupsofast #blinkandyoullmissit – from Instagram

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