Aug 09

Attention Bloggers: How To Install The Bulletproof Security Plug In

Attention Bloggers: How To Install The Bulletproof
Security Plug In


The wordpress Bulletproof Security Plugin has been a life saver for so many bloggers. Here is an easy way to install it and get it going quickly.


One of the most dreaded problems with using a WordPress blog are the horrendous hackers. The good thing is the only thing they are really after is backlinks to their site. Unfortuntly to get them they feel the need to have their bots hack other wordpress sites. Have you ever gone to your blog one day and seen endless links for a Canadian pharmacy, Viagra and any other medication. Unfortuntly it happens a lot. The bad part is once they hack your site you have to go through and get their links out of each and every one of your posts. If you have been blogging for a lot time that can take forever!!

About a year ago an awesome plugin was released that is free that helps solve this problem. It’s called the Bulletproof Security Plugin. Personally it has been a lifesaver for my blog sites. I don’t think I’ve ever been excited for a plug in! It’s really not that complicated to install the Bulletproof Security Plugin but I know not all bloggers are really experienced so I put together a tutorial on how to install it and get it working.

The Bulletproof Security Plug In will get all those weird crazy links off your website! No more spammers :)

The Bulletproof Security Plugin recently had it’s first update as well so for all of you that have been using it since it’s launch once you update it you will then have to set all of your security settings again so this can be a nice refresher too.

If you do not have the Bulletproof Security Plugin all you need to do is go to the side bar of your blog and click on Plug Ins, then click add new and search Bulletproof Security Plugin. You will find it listed. Click install and activate and then the video above will take your through everything you need to know.

It’s important to have a rock solid secure site. After all you put a lot of work into your site and it’s no fun to have to start all over again. I have found the Bulletproof Security Plugin helps a lot!!

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  1. Tracy

    Thanks for this.. I am so tired of the crazy links.. this is easy to do. Appreciate it.

  2. James Byers

    Karen, thank you so much for putting all this information together. I always learn so much when I visit your site.


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