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Get More Blog Traffic For Free

Get More Blog Traffic For Free

Are You Struggling To Get More Blog Traffic? Blogging is a very valuable marketing tool to have in your arsenal. Find out how to maximize your blog for free.

One of the best ways to get more blog traffic is to engage with your readers. There are many ways you can engage with your site visitors and we will go over some of them a little bit at a time. Today I want to start with what I think is the most important if you want to get more blog traffic.

I can not tell you enough the advantage video marketing will give just in the internet marketing world and in network marketing on the internet. We as a society are really just a bunch of lazy people. Let’s just say it. If you want to understand how video can help you get more blog traffic lets take a look at capture pages for example. Capture pages are the heart and soul of our industry. I won’t get into all the details of capture pages but they are essentially set up to sell a product or service of some sort. They usually have great ad copy and everything you need to make the sale. In extensive testing it has been found that no matter how great looking your capture page is, how appealing your ad copy may be just having video will double your op tin rate over not. It has even been tested again say having a photo and an audio on your page. Still nothing compares to video. It’s the same thing if you want to get more blog traffic.

If I want to get more blog traffic why is video so important?

There are several reasons why video is the heart and soul of learning how to get more blog traffic. Your videos should be the backbone to your blog. If possible do a video with each blog post that you do. Having video is good for many reasons.

1) Someone that may normally click away from your blog because they simply don’t want to read will listen to your video and often follow a good call to action. (make sure you have one at the end of your video :))

2) Uploading your videos to video sharing sites with a link to your blog post produces powerful back links to your post and will help you in your search engine rankings.

3) The search engines will love you! If you want to learn to get more blog traffic the first thing you need to understand is give the search engines what they want vs trying to fight against them. If you do that you will get more blog traffic. They will give you what you want which is a nice ranking.

get more blog traffic

Search engines love video so much that Google the most powerful search engine purchased You Tube. They understood how much their users wanted video and most any search you do on Google will show at least 2 video results on the front page. If you include the link to your post with that video you now have two different places your traffic can come from. Two ways you can rank and that is going to give you more blog traffic.

Last, but definitely not least… it shows your visitors who you are. I have found that marketers are so intimidated by video because they think they need to be an expert or they think they need to look perfect. You have to understand this is an amazing way to get more blog traffic. If you are dressed nice enough to go to the grocery store you are dressed nice enough to do a video. You just need a uncluttered background, heck you can cut a video in your kitchen if you want. You will get more blog traffic by being yourself.

The problem with internet marketing is that so many people hide behind websites and don’t ever emerge. You can still have a personal connection with your prospects and that will brand you. They will begin to see you as a leader in this industry and you will get more blog traffic because they want to come back and learn about the advise you have to offer.

Using video on your blog will help you get more traffic quickly and also produce returning visitors. If you are worried just start out with a simple welcome video to put on the front page of your blog. Before you know it you will be more comfortable doing video because it’s so much faster than writing!

If you want to implement a video strategy to get more blog traffic here are some video sites that I love and you can use to upload your videos.

Tip: change up your title and description each time you upload your video to a site. To make sure you get more blog traffic ensure you still keep your targeted keyword phrase in tact.

Here are my top 5 Video Site Picks To Get More Blog Traffic:

get more blog traffic


Daily Motion CLICK HERE




Stagger when you upload your videos, you don’t want to upload them all on the same day. About two a day is good. Stagger your title and description like I said before and this will make sure you get more blog traffic. If you want to engage more with your visitors make sure you add a video at the top of each post. Not only will that allow you to get more blog traffic but the are more likely to come back.

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