Oct 20

5 of Mark Yarnell's Success Secrets

Mark Yarnell is a best selling author and success coach and mentor in the home based business industry. He has some great motivational writing. Here are some great tips.

5 of Mark Yarnell’s Success Secrets

1. Turn off your TV, computer, cell phone and text messaging and spend 2 hours a day talking to real people, either in person or through a land line.

2. Make a five-year commitment to your company and never look at any other deal. Consider all other Networking opportunities a waste of your time at this point.

3. Begin reading one non-fiction bestseller each month in any field of your own personal interest.

4. Get out of all meaningless business relationships with those who drag you down with negativity or sociopathic behavior.

5. Do not attend any more rah! rah! meetings IF you’re 100% convinced that they are a waste of your time and money. Spend your time recruiting and retailing.

Take a listen to what Mark Yarnell has to say. He’s quite inspiring:

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