Dec 02

My Holiday Gift To You – Tools To Life

I have a holiday gift for you!

This time of year you start thinking about what you want to do or change in the coming year. You set these great goals but most of the time to be honest you never follow through with them. That’s ok! There’s a reason why. You don’t have the right TOOLS to make those changes.

You may want to advance in your business or personal life….or maybe both. Regardless of your goal I have an amazing gift to you today. Watch the video below…then continue below it…

Now is the time for you to make the changes in your mind, body and soul. Once you do that you will see a transformation in your personal life and your business. In the last 5 years I have learned more about myself that I ever wanted to know however the truth is to take any steps forward I had to know ME and had to have the right tools to move through each day. I am 100% positive that Tools To Life will give you the right path to move through this year in a way you never anticipated.

Go and get started today.


Karen Pore

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  1. Edward "Mr Ed" Thorpe

    Hi Karen,

    My heart and spirit goes out to you. Mere words are incapable of my feelings for you. I’m so proud of you and what you’re doing with your life. You are truly a survivor who is making a difference. Don’t ever guit.

    I think your online business concepts are spot on. I call it ‘open marketing’. Because the inner will out, you’ll save time and do better to show yourself from the start. (Naturally, you don’t ask for a motel date before you’ve met for coffee, gone to lunch, then dinner, etc, etc.)

    Whether we ignore it or not, we are transparent to those about us. Our true intentions will eventually, if not sooner, become apparent.
    Peace & Love,
    Mr Ed

  2. Janet Legere

    Thanks for sharing your life with us Karen … you are an amazing woman!

  3. Nathalie

    This is a such a great video Karen.

    You have gone through so much. You are a pillar Karen..

    I appriciate that you are opening like that. I have never told
    my story as you did today. Maybe I will. It’s amazing to listen
    to you… Wow!…I am so glad to know you.

    Your video is a great gift to me today… I am doing TTL… Day 17. It’s getting harder.

    I’ll connect with you in tools k …

    You are a beautiful person.. I loved listening to you!

    Thank you!

    ~ Nathalie

  4. Madgie Avery

    Karen this was an awesome video. By you making this video you have inspired me. I can totally relate to what you have spoke about I feel totally blessed by this.You are so right about having your personal life reflect your business life. The morning mastermind group that are live really get you going. You never know that by telling a story of your life how you will be able to help someone. I have always looked at stories as just stories but hearing yours will help me to bring my story out. I just finished day one and I am happy to say that I woke up this morning clapping and having a great morning and I am having a great day! Thank you so much Madgie


    Gosh you guys are just amazing! I have never been inspired to tell my story in the way Tools To Life inspired me. It has really made me look at the flow of our lives differently. Nathalie, Ed and Madgie you guys are amazing people to work with and soo inspire me on the mornings I am feeling uninspired :) You never know when your story may help someone else…and if it inspired you in some way then it was worth it..all those struggles would have been in vain if not.
    Now Mrs. Janet Legere I had to save you for last….you are really behind this post. The way you and Don look at life has inspired truly has and I believe you and Don are tools to that outlook and then you leading me to Tools To Life. I wanted to share this so that you know how appreciated you are!! You spend so much time helping others sometimes I don’t think you get to see how much we appreciate it and how much you effect our lives not just our businesses….

    Thank you guys again!! You are all inspirations to me.

  6. Eric Hall

    Thanks for the gift and your story. I am truly humbled by it.

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