Sep 05

Internet Business Strategies That Work Today

Are you using the right criteria to decide what the best internet business strategies are for you and your business? Check out this simple way to decide what’s right for you.  


Internet business strategies are all over the place and can be so confusing because is claiming they have the best strategy for you. There is something many people don’t think about when they are considering internet business strategies and that is what fits best with your personality?

What does my personality have to do with marketing online?  


This is something I didn’t even think about and really no one ever explained when I was first learning some of the different internet business strategies. There are going to be certain internet business strategies that may appeal to you and you may excel at just because they fit your personality.

Let me explain… if you are someone who is just naturally sociable and love interacting with others then using Social Media marketing could be a great place to start.

Of course you will want to master it but this is a internet business strategy that you are most likely to have fun with. If you are having fun with it you won’t dread it. This will make you much more productive and even better you will enjoy the time even more that you spend on your business. If you are someone who prefers to work more behind the scenes in your “internet business strategies” then there are some methods you can use that will drive traffic to your website in a more automated fashion without you having to make contact with your prospects each day.

I like to call these strategies Residual Traffic. These are internet business strategies that you take the time to set up once and they continue to bring traffic to your site for months or years to come. Now these methods do not require a lot of skill but at the same time they do take some time to start to see results so you need to weigh the good with the bad.

When I talk about residual traffic as one of your internet business strategies understand it encompasses many different methods. 


Here are some examples – Video marketing, article marketing, blogging and a lot more.


importantWhat I recommend if you want to master these types of internet business strategies is you take one and master it before you move onto the next.

If you would like to jump start the process you can also tap into some PPC with search engines or Facebook.

These still allow you to do the work once and they will work for you forever but you will see results faster because you are not waiting on anything to be ranked on search engines. There are really 8-9 main internet business strategies that are really pulling like crazy right now. If you want to learn more just click here. This is where I teach all of my internet business strategies.

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  1. Penny Jenkins

    My sister saved this website for me and I love the info. Great strategies. I’ll be coming back. Penny

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