Feb 09

Special Update – Posting For Profits Power Hour Replay

Special Update – Posting For Profits Power Hour Replay

Check out our Online Green Profits Power Hour. We gave everyone a sneak peak at our awesome series Posting For Profits will be launching this month!!

I am so excited to share this with you guys. As you can tell from by absence here I have been working like crazy on my new series I am about to release for our Online Green Profits members. The series is called Posting For Profits and in it I will show you how to build your most powerful piece of internet real estate from the bottom up. It will be built on a foundation that will bring prospects to your site.

This week we had an amazing Online Green Profits Power Hour in which I gave a sneak peak into what is to come. We have decided to open up this training to ALL members both free and upgraded. There will be more advanced and in depth training for our gold members but there is no reason by what is provided that you will not be able to be successful using the strategy I am going to reveal.

I have been working on this series since November and am so happy I finally had the time to get it done! My #1 love in this industry is teaching marketers how to create residual traffic and the Posting For Profits series will show you how to not only build a solid foundation but create nothing less than an empire!

What makes Posting For Profits different than any other blogging training?

posting for profitsThat’s such a simple answer. Posting For Profits is designed to give you REAL access to what you need to do to be successful in internet marketing. Unlike many courses out there that really only give you access to the training that you need to get started, not what you need to be successful. We are going to give you the FULL picture. We are so confident that there is enough traffic to go around for everyone that Posting For Profits reveals the actual secrets to success using blogging as a foundation.

If you want to make money when you are blogging if you have to know how to create a solid foundation. You configure your blog so it will DRAW traffic to it. Your blog will do you no good if you have to manually send people to it. Posting For Profits will teach you how to configure your blog correctly so you can create opt ins and sales for years to come off of the action you take today.

How much will Posting For Profits cost?

Well that’s another really simple answer. Nothing. Will we be providing more in depth training for our Gold members? Of course but there is no way that you any marketer couldn’t take the training that is provided for free in “Posting For Profits” and start building an amazing empire with your most valuable piece of internet real estate any marketer can have.

If you are not already a member of Online Green Profits I suggest you take this opportunity now to set up a free membership so you can have access to the Posting For Profits training!!!

Be prepared to be blown away.

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