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The Blueprint To Get More Blog Traffic

The Blueprint To Get More Blog Traffic

Many marketers want to get more blog traffic but struggle. Here are five simple steps that will help you get more blog traffic very quickly.

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There are many ways to get more blog traffic but some of them are more time consuming than others. Today I will show you a few things you can do that are not time consuming and can bring results fast. One of the easiest ways to get more blog traffic is applying some little tweaks to your blog and your blogging process. Applying some of these tweaks will ensure that search engines pick your blog every time you post. After all there really is no point in blogging if you no one is going to ever see it. Here are some simple things you need to consider if you want to get more blog traffic.

Ready for some simple ways to get more blog traffic?

1) Optimize every single post. – One of the easiest ways to get more traffic to your blog is to consider some basic SEO tweaks to every single blog post that you write. It’s much easier to have a wide web of long tailed keywords to get more traffic to your blog then the few you could use when setting up your blog. It’s ok to do a post here and there that is not optimized, but the majority of your posts should be done with SEO in mind.

I find it much easier to find my keyword phrase, write my post then go back and tweak it for SEO than to write just thinking of SEO but everyone is different.

2) Post often. There are many different theories on how often you should post to your blog. Some people will tell you every day, some a few times a week the only right answer is what you have time to do. It is pretty obvious the only way to get more blog traffic is to post to your blog but if you are trying to post every day and you just simply don’t have time you in time the quality of the content you are posting is going to suffer and that’s not going to help you. I do suggest that you post at LEAST 2-3 times a week to your blog but understand that’s not the only part of the equation. There have been many times I haven’t had time to do that and still continue to get a stead flow of traffic to my blog.

3) Using the right plug ins. There are some great plug ins that are available through WordPress that will apply tweaks on their own and also help you set up your blog to be as friendly to search engines as possible. A couple that really help me get more blog traffic are “seo title tag” and “all in one seo pack”. Neither cost anything and are really good for bloggers who are new.

4) Engage readers – If you want to get more blog traffic one easy way is to encourage your blog visitors to engage. Some things that can really help you get more blog traffic is asking your readers to share your posts on social bookmarking sites. There are many plug ins available that will apply the ability for your readers to share your posts at the bottom of every post. This will get more traffic to your blog because search engines will think the blog is popular moving it up the search engine results.

Another great way to engage your readers and get more blog traffic is encourage your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed. Once they do that they will receive notification whenever you have a new blog post and it can lead to more returning visitors. A really easy way make this easy for yourself and your reader is using a service called Feed Burner. It’s also free to use and just takes a few minutes to set up.

5) Always be relevant – Making sure that what you are writing is relevant to the keyword you are targeting is a sure fire way to get more blog traffic. There is nothing worse than a blogger who thinks they have found a great keyword phrase and attempts to write around it but really they just want to sell you something else.

In all honesty this is probably the most important way to get more blog traffic. If you have gone through all the work to optimize your post and make sure they are ranked on a search engine to get traffic you need to give your readers what they want. Look at it this way, when someone goes to a search engine what they type into that search bar is essentially a question. Your job is to provide them with the answer. Providing the best answer is much more likely to result in loyal visitors. Returning visitors are much more likely to turn into customers.

The most successful bloggers have mastered the art of traffic generation. After all traffic is the currency of the internet. If you want to get more blog traffic try applying some of these simple tweaks and most importantly apply them consistently. That is the best way to get more blog traffic quickly.

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