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Effective Press Release Writing Tips

Effective Press Release Writing Tips

Here are some press release writing tips to make the process of writing a press release really simple. I have a lot of press release writing tips but here are some of my favorites!

I thought I would put together some simple press release writing tips for everyone. Press releases are so simple to write and such an easy way to get traffic to your website pretty quickly for free. They do involve doing a little writing but don’t worry, you do not have to be an award winning writer to make this strategy work. What’s even better is they don’t cost you a thing!

Even if you have never written a press release before if you take these press release writing tips you will have your first press release Effective press release writing is not that hard to learn. They are a great way to get traffic to your website and keep it coming forever. Take these press release writing tips and start implementing them and this will be a tool you can keep in your arsenal for years to come. Understanding what makes an effective press release can take some time but here are a few simple press release writing tips that will make pretty simple and easy.

So what is a press release?

The first of all the press release writing tips we should go over is how to write a press release. You should approach writing it as if you are writing a testimonial of some sort. A press release is not an article. Articles are a little more in depth and a little longer in length. Keeping your press release short and to the point is very important. You want your prospect to click on the link you have put in your press release. You want the prospect to want to learn more about what you are writing about. Use this tool to share real results. Readers care more about a real review from a fellow marketer much more than a professional review. Just simply share your story.

What should I write my press release about?
What you write about is completely up to you. Here are a few ideas that might spark your creativity and get you off the ground and running.

A product, service or system you are using that you are having positive results with.
What does your product of system have to offer? Is there training involved? If so explain what can be learned.

A mentor you may have partnered with.
What have you learned from them? What do they specialize in and how can they help your prospect?
A new product release that you will be using.
Do you have an exciting product that is going to be released? Or a system that is coming out? A press release would be a great way to announce it and jump start your traffic.

What are the most important press release writing tips?

Of all the effective press release writing tips I could share this has to be the most important! Always Use Targeted Keywords!!! I can not stress this enough. Target the right keywords based on your target audience is. Who do you want to read your writing? Target terms those prospects would be searching for on the internet. Of all of the press release writing tips this is my #1 tip for writing an effective press release if you want your press release to be seen. When writing your press release it should include your keyword(s) in the title and 3-4 times in the body of your press release (without it sounding strange).

How can you take these press release writing tips and put them into action?

Once you have written your press release you can distribute it to free press release sites. I have listed several below and you can always just go to Google and type in Free Press Release Sites and you will find a lot of them. I recommend that you submit the press release to 3-4 of these sites. When submitting your press release to these sites there will be options to upgrade your press release. These sites will offer for you to pay a fee and your press release will be distributed faster. Do NOT ever pay for a press release. You don’t need to. It will be posted fast enough using their free service. There is no reason to pay an extra fee.

One of my other press release writing tips is once you have completed your press release and posted it to a service you can do a few different things with it to get some faster traffic to it. You can take the link to the press release and share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon and Reddit . You can also post a copy of your press release on your blog and include the link to the press release at the bottom of the post. This will give you some more links to the press release.

If you take these press release writing tips and implement them correctly you can have your press release rank at the top of many Google searches pretty quickly. Press releases just like blogs are considered new news by search engines so they are ranked very high. Here are just a couple of examples of some press releases I have written this will give you an idea of how to structure your press release and how to use them to get traffic to your blog or website:

Entrepreneurs Corey And Karen Pore Offer Advise For Consumers Seeking Alternative Income Streams

Live Web Conferencing Company GVO Conference Launch Date Announced.

press release writing tips

Here are some free press release sites that I recommend:

Free Press Release  Click Here

Eecommwire   Click Here

Press Method Click Here

Free Press Index Click Here

1888 Press Release Click Here

Press About Click Here

Online PR News  Click Here

I-Newswire Click Here

Press Release Point Click Here

If you would like more detailed training on my press release writing tips you can sign up for a free membership at Second Income Coach Click Here. I have a very detailed training series where I teach more of my press release writing tips.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. My contact details are located in the sidebar of my blog. I hope you find these press release writing tips helpful.

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  1. Bonnie Waters

    Karen: Great stuff here Karen. I used to send out press releases, and had totally put them on the back burner. Thanks for the reminder. I will certainly write one today and get it out there. Thanks Again Karen!

  2. The Online Marketing Mom

    Thanks Bonnie that is so sweet of you! It’s such an easy traffic generation method, it’s free..but it’s that 15-20 mins it takes to do it that we end up putting it off! I’m committed this year to making sure I stick w/my basics too while I’ll learning such exciting new stuff.

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