Sep 17

Futuristic Marketing Review – Did You Miss Out?

Did you miss out on the Futuristic Marketing launch? If so not to worry, you can catch the best of Futuristic Marketing training in one place.

Futuristic Marketing is a coaching program launched earlier this year by Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson. Marcia and I have definitely taken it and gone crazy with it! The real life tips that you can take and put into play daily are great. We have decided to take this valueable knowledge and put it right into our system Online Green Profits.

If you aren’t familiar with Futuristic Marketing here’s just a little bit of what it’s about. Futuristic Marketing is essentially two coaching programs combined into one.

1. Futuristic Traffic

2. Futuristic Influence

There are multiple modules in both of these sections by many industry leaders such as Michelle Pescosolido, Rob Fore, Eric Worre and of course Mark Hoverson and Jonathan Budd … that’s just to name a few. Futuristic Marketing is Futuristic Marketingdefinitely set to be one of the top products of 2012 and I would completely vouch for that. The Futuristic Marketing program however was only available for a limited time to ensure members get the most out of the coaching program. It’s actually a 90 day course with member broken down into small groups working together of all levels of expertise. The programs concludes at the end of the 90 days with a graduation help in San Diego California and it’s sure to be one of the top events also of 2012.

In Futuristic Traffic there are multiple lead generation methods that a marketer can learn. In the internet marketing industry it’s possible to be successful by simply mastering one or two of these strategies, the problem is most marketers don’t stick around long enough to succeed at a method. That’s why the failure rate is so high in this industry. Futuristic Marketing not only helps work on the technical skills you need to grasp but also your mindset as a marketer. Understanding that mastering a skill is at times going to make you uncomfortable, it’s going to make you step out of your comfort zone. If you simply embrace that you will be successful. It’s such a powerful concept.

Futuristic MarketingNow For Futuristic Influence…

The second part of Futuristic Marketing is Futuristic Influence. This is the part that I found most powerful and what really attracted me to the program. So many people and systems teach the importance of building a list and every marketer online I think sincerely grasps that importance. The problem is very few people or systems teach you what to do with that list once you have started to build it.

You need to build a relationship with that list, everyone will tell you that but what does that really mean? The truth is you need to be able to influence that list. That’s what it all boils down to. You want to influence that list because in the end it all comes down to the sale. Yes we can talk about branding and building that know like and trust factor … and we will, but let’s get to the bottom line.

As you can tell there are some great nuggets in Futuristic Marketing and Marcia and I thrilled to be going through the course but what we are really excited about is teaching this great information to our team and within Online Green Profits. So if you missed out on Futuristic Marketing it’s ok.

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