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Prospect Geyser Is Having A Referral Contest!!


Prospect Geyser Is Having A Referrel Contest!!


Prospect Geyser is about to reach 5,000 members. They are giving away referrel bonuses to get there.


Prospect Geyser is a new system put together by James Stone and Janet Legere. It focuses on generating organic traffic to websites for members and also teaches members how to get organic traffic for free. The system is set up to capitlize on RSS feeds and also teaching marketers how to correctly use targeted keywords phrases for their websites.

It doesn’t matter what type of website you have. It could be in the internet marketing area or maybe a website that targets your primary business either way you can target that website to get some great targeted traffic.

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What’s Prospect Geyser giving away?

All members are of the system who are upgraded gold members receive $20 commissions on any gold members that sign up through their referral link. During the referral contest they will be paid $25 commissions. What makes it even better is those commissions are always paid daily.

First place in the contest will also receive $100 cash and another free gold account to use however you wish. This is a great bonus because then that’s two websites that can receive some highly targeted organic traffic for life.

I personally am in love with using search engines to generate traffic to my website. It does take a little bit of work but what is so great about most of the tactics is that those links are out there forever! The same is true with Prospect Geyser set up your account once and it’s running for you forever!

Go ahead click here…sign up for your Prospect Geyser account and start sharing your link.



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