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Create An Auto-Pilot MLM Building System

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Many Multi Level Marketing companies have realized over the last few years the importance of creating or having a mlm marketing system in place for you, the distributor to now build their businesses on the Internet. If you are a distributor in an mlm this can be REALLY exciting.

While it allows for so many things one really important thing is now you have reach! Gone were the days of making a list and contacting every distant relative you had ever known. We fast forward now to the days where prospects can be generated virtually in any place your company is present. The lists that used to be made have not become auto responders. The friends and relatives have now become calls to prospects that have opted in to that auto responder that we cherish so much.

What does a mlm marketing system do for your business?

So many distributors are now realizing just how important having a mlm marketing system is. It’s become more and more important and while many companies realize the using the internet can open up a whole new world the problem is those companies know very little about marketing, after all that’s what they have you for. :) So the things they do offer really are NOT great marketing systems for network marketing on the internet. 

Business owners seem to be taking over the Internet, especially in many well known hot spots for them. The problem for the prospect is they may indeed be interested in having their own business and joining the Multi Level Marketing industry, but what do you have to offer them?

Sure you have great products! Who doesn’t?

You have a great compensation plan! Most MLMs do.

What do you have to offer that prospect that is going to set you aside from EVERY SINGLE PERSON out there?

Oh yes…the system!

Prospects need to see themselves doing what you are doing. If you are calling a prospect telling them anything and everything they have ever needed to know about your Mutli Level Marketing company they are thinking it sounds great, but I can’t tell people all this stuff. This is where the MLM building system comes in. You must have something that is to some degree on auto pilot. You must be able to concentrate your efforts on teaching your prospect soon to be business builder the basics of Web 2.0 advertising and traffic generation while letting a system do the selling for you. Many Multi Level Marketing companies now see this and are making the switch. If your company hasn’t and has you doing business presentations either find a system that is generic that you can use or build you own. There are so many things out there that building your own system is not that hard anymore.

You may be thinking to yourself but I do great giving my business presentation. You may be. You may be the top recruiter in your company and could sell anything to anyone. The problem is can your prospect? Can your down line? Can you success really be duplicated? If not you are bottom line never going to go anywhere. It really pains my heart when I see some poor soul advertising their company product web page. It’s probably not their fault, they don’t know that they either just wasted a whole lot of money or a whole lot of time. They can never get that prospect back again.

In closing think about the basic things that you need to be a successful Internet marketer in the Multi Level Marketing industry. You need the system, an auto responder, a web page or splash page as it is sometimes called and you need a presentation. Every single one of those things needs to be duplicated all the way through your organization. Wrap it all together and you have the MLM building system you need to really take some steps forward for your true success.

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  1. Maren Portello

    Great post and will keep following up. One of my friends e-mailed this link to me because I’m a mlm-er myself. I’m excitedly awaiting your next blog post. Continue the world-class work.



  2. Arden Chatten

    Very simple and effective tips there aren’t enough people that talk about how to build a business online that actually works! You always make things flow together. Great info.

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