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What Really Sets A MLM Marketing System Apart!!

What Really Sets A MLM Marketing System Apart!!

Narrowing down a MLM marketing system can be tough. There are some distinct things that set every system apart. Find out what’s really important!

While there are lists of things I could tell you about using or picking the right mlm marketing system there is one thing that really stands out above the rest. We have touched on it a little bit on other posts but I really want to focus on it today. I want to make sure that you understand it and are using it correctly.

The #1 thing you must have in a mlm marketing system …. personal branding!!

mlm-prospectingBranding is talked about all the time online but some people don’t put branding and using a “mlm marketing system“. Just understanding branding is an entire course in itself. It’s not understanding it that’s hard is knowing the right ways to implement it depending on your experience online and your abilities. What makes the ability to brand yourself in a mlm marketing system so great is it levels the playing field for every business owner. It doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st week online or your 400th because it’s in a system you can simply plug the things that are important into the mlm marketing system.

Although the majority of mlm marketing systems have been around for a few years now they are starting to evolve into something that is beneficial to the average marketer. It used to be that the credibility of the mlm marketing system was based on the “guru” who ran it. With systems set up that way these systems did have a spot for you to plug in your primary business but they are branding that “guru”. It took marketers some time to figure that out. You could build a business that way and it was really good for the guru. The more members in the mlm marketing system the more their face and name was plastered all over the internet. They were branding themselves through the system and the member’s advertising.

It didn’t take marketers very long to wise up and think, there has to be a better way to do this. Marketers were understanding more and more the concept of attraction marketing and understanding people join people, not businesses. This made the demand for a mlm marketing system much higher but it isn’t always easy to find one that has the tools you need to really start to build your brand.

mlm-marketing-systemIf you are looking for a mlm marketing system there are many of them out there all offering different things. It’s important regardless of what system you are using that you are building a relationship with your prospect. Making sure that Like I said people join people, not businesses. Your prospect needs to get to know you and have a relationship with you and you can do that online through a mlm marketing system. Many old school marketers don’t think that it’s possible to be able to really build a relationship using the internet.

Here are a couple of tools that will really help you build that relationship:

The ability to have video – Video is a must in your marketing. The conversion rate of a capture page without video vs one with video is astounding. Even if you add audio, it doesn’t matter. If you are scared of video I’m sorry to tell you that you are going to have to get over yourself :). Sorry there’s no other way to put it. The mlm marketing system that you use must allow you to have your own personal video on your capture page. You want people to join you and your video is the first step to that.

An auto-responder – I don’t think I even need to say this but there’s a reason why everyone says the $$ is in the list. Everyone says it for a reason. It’s true. It’s a necessity. There’s absolutely no way to get around it so if your not building your list you better start now. Let me put it this way, if you are not building your list you are building someone else’s. In a mlm marketing system you are most likely building the system owners. Your auto-responder and list IS your business. It’s what creates the possible business partners for your primary business. You have no business without a list. With marketers wising up to this it’s much easier now to find a mlm marketing system that gives you the ability to plug your auto-responder into your capture page.

Both of these features will brand you within your mlm marketing system. Your prospect will have a personal connection with you by the auto-responder messages they are getting and get to know you. I encourage you to make your messages as personal as possible. Don’t just blast your list with constant sales copy. You will actually sell more by selling less. To build a relationship you need to offer your prospect value, teach them things. You want them to be eager when they receive your email.

There are many ways you can make a mlm marketing system work for you but the most important is positioning yourself as a leader within that system. You don’t need to be an expert at everything to have something to offer your prospects or members so just take a chance and put yourself out there. I like to say….

Take massive IMPERFECT action!!

Just give it a chance and you will be surprised the results you will see. If you need more help understanding how you can use a mlm marketing system to your advantage you can grab a copy of my free 7 day bootcamp by clicking the button below.

Happy Marketing,

Karen Pore
The Online Marketing Mom

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