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MLM Marketing System – What Is Right For You?

You can find a new mlm marketing system popping up everywhere. Karen Pore exposes the secrets behind them to make sure you succeed.

It seems everywhere you turn you will find a new mlm marketing system. It can be hard to decide what the best one for you is. There are so many network marketers coming online to build their businesses, and for good reason. The internet opens up the ability to build a global business in a way that the traditional or “old school” mlm format doesn’t. However, not every mlm marketing system is created equal.

That may seem like a very common sense statement but you would be surprised how many marketers don’t focus on the right thing. They join strange programs full of matrixes, spillover and all this other crap thinking they will get these people they get to join these programs introduced to their business. Those systems are not designed to create the type of prospect you need. You need a mlm marketing system.

I have built my entire business using systems so I have quite a bit of experience picking out the successful from the not so successful. There are clues up front that you can find right away that will tell you to steer clear of a mlm marketing system or if it might be a great place to try. The key is the word marketing. Is the system teaching you how to market. Remember what all struggling marketers have in common.. no leads! Your mlm marketing system should be showing you how to implement strategies to generate leads. In time those prospects will funnel through and then you will have qualified prospects to send to your presentation. I cannot even begin to explain the importance of the marketing part of the mlm marketing system.

The next thing you need to make sure you have in your mlm marketing system is the ability to plug in your primary business. You should never have to be chasing down prospects to send them to your primary business. You should have a way for your prospects to get in touch with you and then you can send them to your presentation. It may seem obvious also but I still see a whole lot of network marketers out there either promoting their primary business or using weird and crazy systems thinking they are going to generate decent prospects.

I have put together my own mlm marketing system. I did it for my personal team. I knew it would be much easier to have a system in place so that I could leverage my time. I could teach my team the traffic generation methods they need to solve that lead problem and also qualify their prospects by using the systems. Like I said before I have built my entire business using systems for years. I decided it was time to take all the crap I didn’t like, get rid of it and take the stuff I liked and put it together. I added what I needed when I was struggling that systems weren’t really offering at the time. Once I got the mlm marketing system together I decided it was a much better idea to make it generic so any network marketer regardless of their primary business could use it and even use it for their teams.

I have put together a free bootcamp to expose some secrets to success running a network marketing business online and what you need to look for to find the right mlm marketing system. You can actually get a copy right in the sidebar. :)

It doesn’t matter to me what mlm marketing system you use but I can’t say enough how important it is to use one. You need to make sure you have the basics available to you in the system so you don’t just grow you prosper.

What are the most important things I need to look for in a mlm marketing system?

– The ability to leverage technology

Having your own video in the capture page your mlm marketing system provides is essential. You should also be able to plug in your own auto responder so you are building your own list.

– Ongoing marketing training

The only thing consistent about internet marketing is that it is consistently changing. It doesn’t matter what your experience you can never stop learning. Your mlm marketing system should have basic and advanced training. Even if you are new to the internet it’s important that the mlm marketing system not just train marketers how to get started online with advertising. You will advance in your knowledge and also you are not just going to attract new marketers. You may have experienced marketers come in. You don’t want them to run the other way because that mlm marketing system just teaches the same stuff that’s everywhere.

– Plug in your primary business

Your mlm marketing system needs to have a place for you to put your primary program in place. If you have a spot for a video I encourage you not to use a standard company video. Use a personal video inviting your members to get in touch with you. Success in this industry is based on relationships. You need to build a relationship with your members. Your success rate will be much higher if you get to know your members.

In closing, you can see how much I believe in using a mlm marketing system but it’s for good reason. Anyone starting online or even struggling online that comes to me the first tip I give them is to get a mlm marketing system . Nothing can beat that. Choose wisely and you wil find the success you are looking for.

To Your Success,
Karen Pore

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