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MLM Prospecting Systems – Branding Made Insanely Simple

MLM Prospecting Systems – Branding Made Insanely Simple

Using the right mlm prospecting systems can make your success online so simple. Here’s a step by step plan. 


mlm-prospecting-systemIn my last post I talked about how to position yourself as a leader when you are using mlm prospecting systems.

There are some simple tweaks you can make within most mlm systems to set yourself apart. The next thing we will cover is how to connect with your prospects coming through the system so they will gravitate to you as a leader.  

Many people refer to this as branding or attraction marketing.    


The easiest way to understand it is to simply think it this way… What can you do online to make people, or your prospects interested in what you have to say?


Do you have something to offer them that can solve a problem? Fill a need? Or even sit down and think who needs my product?

What do they need the most help with? Is it marketing tips, is it prospecting advise? Then find your strong suits that you can share with them. Be willing to give, you are there to help them.

By doing this it positions you as a leader, the authority to them within any of the mlm prospecting systems. You take the time to set up your system where all of your prospects or customers are going to come through and give to them. Give them what they need. Then you have set up your “marketing funnel” in a way that they are much more likely to gravitate to you and want to connect with you.

You have already put yourself in a place where you are offering solutions to your prospects vs selling which is key! This is what many people refer to as “building a relationship” with your audience.

An important thing you need to remember when you are using mlm prospecting systems is this…

No one likes to be sold, but everyone LOVES to buy!

As consumers we all want to buy. That’s why so many people live beyond their means. In fact many can’t control their need to buy. What you have to do now is think like a marketer. Tap into what your prospects are thinking.

Find their triggers that make them want to buy what you are selling. The very best way to do this is by simply taking the time to offer value and help your prospects. After all a “mlm prospecting system” is set up to help you building your business, right?  Now, if you are worried and thinking I really don’t have anything to offer I assure you that couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of your level of experience you know more than the guy who’s a day behind you.

It’s just a matter of positioning and posturing yourself in the right way. The ability to expand your knowledge is one of the biggest perks of using a mlm prospecting systems.

Unsure what you have to offer?

Take problems you have had in the past that you had to solve in your business. Chances are you had to go through a process to solve those. All you need to do is document what you had to do to solve that problem. You can do that by creating a video about it, writing an article or even a blog post. That’s all this process really entails.

So many people worry that they don’t have anything to offer if they can’t say they’ve made a million dollars online for people to respect what you have to say. That couldn’t be further from the truth. When you are honest about where you are by teaching what you are learning you will find people just like you will gravitate to you. You’re not feeding them hype. They are beginning to trust you. 

This is where trust is important and what will bring your prospect through your mlm prospecting systems.

Think about this for a moment. You are bringing people through your system with an end goal to enroll them in your primary business. That’s really the bottom line in all of this. mlm prospecting system

Stop for a moment and put yourself in your prospect’s shoes.

Would you rather join someone who is going to help you or someone who hides behind a website? You want to join someone who is going to help you! That’s all you need to do.

Putting in just this little bit of effort on your part while you are using a mlm prospecting system will create a trust that will not only build a responsive list but many more business partners.

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