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MLM Attraction Marketing How To Attract Hot Targeted Leads

MLM Attraction Marketing How To Attract Hot Targeted Leads To You

Are you sick of talking to duds?? Stop talking to the wrong prospects by using mlm attraction marketing to attract the right prospects to you.

MLM attraction marketing has become a popular way to build a business if you are in network marketing on the internet. However, sometimes marketers get lost and just aren’t sure exactly what they need to focus on. If you focus too much on the attraction marketing aspect you forget you have a business to build. If you focus too much on your business then your prospects will be turned off. Over the next few days I will show you four tips that will help you find a healthy balance between attraction marketing and building a successful business.

Let’s start with tip the tip for today.

mlm attraction marketingTip #1 Get Into Your Prospect’s Head
You need to stop selling and start listening.

With traditional business building methods you will find that your primary job is to sell all the time. You are always looking for people and you are always pitching your business or products. This is very different when you are using mlm attraction marketing. You see unless you have prospects coming to you already looking for what you have to offer this is not going to work when it comes to your network marketing business. Most marketers never stop and think about what the other person is thinking and end up inevitably failing. If you want to be successful in business you need to understand your customer or prospect.

Before you start any of your marketing or talk to anyone stop and ask yourself a few questions and answer them as if you are your prospect. This will help you understand exactly what they are looking for.

What does your perfect prospect need?
What keeps them up at night?
What makes them happy?
What do they really want?
Here are some examples – time freedom, extra income, to replace an income or maybe to be their own boss?

If you want to be good at “mlm attraction marketing” the first step is getting into your prospect’s head. If you stop and think about what they are really looking for you will realize a business is nowhere in that list. They are just looking for a solution to their problem. While you know you have that solution it needs to be presented to them as a solution not adding another problem to their list. If you approach them with a business you are only giving them another problem.

This is where SO many marketers go wrong with mlm attraction marketing so please pay close attention. You will be glad you did.

You can have the best products in the world and the best compensation plan in the world and it will not matter! They will look at your fancy presentation and think so how am I going to sell these products??? Solve their problems first and foremost. Give them a solution. (I have a tip on how to do this later)

An easy way to help your prospect with this is having a system in place that they can just plug in and follow. Just like in the offline world your process for enrolling must be easily duplicated. People need to be able to see themselves doing exactly what you are doing. You can set up your entire empire using mlm attraction marketing and look great but if you don’t have something to offer that will help your prospects it really will not matter.

There are many basic strategies that you can start with right away. One of the easiest ways to do that is to start using a mlm marketing system. If you want to offer your prospects a viable solution they need to see what you are doing and know they can do it just as easily. When you are using a system you can assure them they can just plug in themselves and do the exact same thing you are doing.

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