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3 Simple Secrets To Success In Network Marketing On The Internet

3 Simple Secrets To Success In Network Marketing On The Internet




Karen Pore shares some simple secrets to success in network marketing on the internet. Avoid the pitfalls so many new marketers fall into. 


Thousands of new people join network marketing on the internet each month. Many are not educated on the fundamentals of network marketing on the internet and without those it is really easy to be led astray. Today I want to share three basic secrets that can make or break your success.

network marketing on the internetI want you to think about what it would be like to open up a business in the offline world vs the online world.

In the offline world to open a business on Main St. chances are the real estate that you choose would really important. The same is true on the internet.

Online your real estate is your website. The first mistake that is usually made in network marketing on the internet is the type of website you need to have. (Very important ->) Just because your company gave you a website full of information about them such as products, company background and the entire compensation plan doesn’t mean you should use that website.

What kind of website do I need for network marketing on the internet?



You need a website called a capture page. A webpage that is targeted has sales copy, a personal picture of you or even better a video and most important an auto responder form. When your prospects visit your capture page they need to fill out auto responder form to gain access to additional information. The sales copy on your webpage will compel them to want to do so. In the offline world this would be considered your communication.

Would you open a store on Main St. without a phone? If you did chances are that business will fail. In network marketing on the internet you can’t open a business without an autoresponder. It is your way of communicating with your prospects.

If you are worried and not sure how to create a capture page, sales copy or how to add your auto responder feel free to try my system of choice. Click Here.

What else do I need to know about network marketing on the internet?



The last and most important thing to remember about network marketing on the internet or online mlm is something that is really similar to an offline business. That is building relationships. Most people that are successful in this industry know how to build relationships. You have to do the same.

The best way to do that is through your auto responder. Once someone has filled out your auto responder form you can now communicate with them via email. This is the best way to build a relationship. You don’t want these messages to be pushy and full of sales copy. You want to offer value to your prospect. When you take that approach your prospects will trust you and be more likely to not only listen to you but join you in your opportunity.

The basics of network marketing on the internet really aren’t much different than building an offline business. Just take these essentials and modify them to the online world. Keep them easy to duplicate for your new prospects and you will start to see success in network marketing on the internet.

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  1. Benita Milling

    Post made me to think of getting closer to MLM. But I am just a starting out right now..
    Thanks, Karen

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