Aug 25

Network Marketing On The Internet | You Have To Face Your Fear

A successful mindset in network marketing on the internet is key to your success. However, most marketer treat their business as if it’s a lottery. What can you do to ensure your success?

network marketing on the internetI want to give you some advice for you going into the weekend. Once of the biggest mistakes people make in network marketing on the internet, home based businesses, direct sales whatever internet industry they are in is they think this is somehow going to easier than whatever it is they are doing. Whether your goal is to start an internet business, generate some extra cash… whatever it is we get this mentality that somehow this is going to be easier than say going to our job.

We look at professions such as network marketing on the internet like they are some sort of lottery ticket. If we play the right numbers we will have success. This mentality actually exists in our industry.

I spent some time this week on a webinar for a program that I use and something really stood out to me. We were talking about mindset and the importance of mindset in your business and in your personal life. The first thing that intrigued me is this is a mastermind group that I attend and when we are discussing a new traffic generation strategy the room is booked… maxed out and full. When you talk about mindset 100-200 people show up. Literally 1/4th of the usual group. This in itself shows you how many people in network marketing on the internet think success is going to come to them.

network marketing on the internet One thing that I took away from that mastermind was this. It really struck me that 8 speakers who had really exploded their businesses in the last 6 months 6 of them finally had massive success when they were in situations that were ultimately dire. They HAD to make it.

One of the speakers had his home in foreclosure, two of them were not able to pay their rent coming up at the end of the month and had really just exhausted everything and there was one speaker with young children that literally could not put food on the table. They had all dabbled in “network marketing on the internet“. They had all purchased products to teach them skills, systems and anything they could get their hands on but yet they just couldn’t get over that hump. Until they had no choice and had to.

It made me stop and think about network marketing on the internet as a whole. Why is this true for so many people. Most successful people in network marketing on the internet have a story behind their success and in that story their first big success came in the midst of something really terrible. Sometimes we don’t actually get to work until we have to. We choose to live in this dream world. When it comes down to it we know it takes hard work to succeed.

network marketing on the internetThere is such a misconception but many in our industry and most online industries that somehow this business is some sort of lottery. That for some reason it is going to be easier to build a business online than say going to a job when there is no way it’s going to be. In fact is probably harder. You are taking on an entirely different skillset, embracing an entirely different way of thinking and if you are moving forward you are literally leaping out of your comfort zone. The pure work and sweat that it takes to be successful is no different however, the outcome is drastically different. That’s what the sweat and lack of sleep is for!

It reminded me of a rant I went on about a month ago lol. Click Here if you didn’t see it.

Marketers falling victim to gurus or even systems promising to essentially give you success without any of the work. Network marketing on the internet is no different that any other industry online. It is going to take work. You were not born knowing how to generate traffic to your website, write compelling ad copy or whatever the skill may be.

There are business owners in network marketing on the internet who actually believe they will have success if they buy the next new product, join this next great opportunity, join this participial system or grab the next coaching program. This mentality actually exists in our industry!!

The truth is it that is the biggest load of crap every! The only asset you have in this industry is YOU! It doesn’t matter what your age, background or skill level you can be successful that is 100% true. However, that will never happen unless you embrace the hard the work that network marketing on the internet takes to reach your goals.

Starting today you must understand you are going to have to develop skills, develop focus and take massive action. There is going to be no way or getting around that and just embrace it! Once you realize that the hard work and sweat is what leads to the success you will begin to get excited for the work. It will change your entire mindset which in turn will change your entire business in network marketing on the internet.

If you are in network marketing on the internet and you are wondering how can I find a schedule that will work for you here’s a suggestion for you. Take the time you have each day to work on your business and divide it up. 80/20.

The 20%
10% – Learning your strategy you are mastering
10% – Working on your mindset.

The 80%
Taking action on the strategy you are learning and following up with the prospects it generates. Learn one thing at a time and you will generate the success.

If you take one or two strategies and master them you then you can literally make a career out of them. If you need more help with you business in network marketing on the internet or internet mlm you can get a copy of my free 7 day online bootcamp. It’s designed to help you avoid the 7 biggest mistakes in network marketing on the internet.

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