Aug 20

Finding An Online Marketing System: Tip #1

The first thing you should consider when deciding which online marketing system is right for your network marketing business is what is the system centered around? You can find a variety of systems to partner with. Locating a system to partner with your network marketing business is not the problem. It’s finding the right system.

There are a couple of categories I place these systems into. These are lessons I learned the hard way so pay close attention.

#1 The system that offers something for nothing.

Big no no!!! These are systems that a prospect can enroll in, pay a little money and all the work is done for them. They log in each day and  bamm there is a result. Sounds great right! Wrong. I must admit I learned this over time. When you offer a system that requires no work on the part of your prospect you are going to get a prospect who has no drive and no desire to move themselves or their business forward. They quite simply want something for nothing. They are great for some fast advertising dollars and yes you can recruit a good team and work together however, these are not prospects for your primary business. They simply do not want to do the work that goes along with building a network marketing business. Your ultimate goal is always enrolling that prospect in your primary business.

#2 The Learn And Earn

This is the one you want to center your focus on finding. It offers potential for advancing your internet marketing knowledge as well as a little up front income. Now you may not be raking in the huge commissions your first month or two like you are with the something for nothing system but, I assure you the prospects you generate from these systems are well worth the wait. You only want an online marketing system for your network marketing business.

Online marketing systems work simply like this. Teach marketers whether newbie to experienced how to become more successful online. They offer structured step by step internet marketing training to their users. The reason the step by step training is important is you want to be able to duplicate your success. A system will NOT work in your business if it is not easily duplicated by someone you recruit. Everyone you enroll should be able to follow the exact same blueprint you did to enroll them. By offering step by step training you level the playing field. You are offering value to the newbie marketer as well as the experienced marketer who just wants to get an advantage..just wants that next leg up. This makes the system more appealing to all network marketers.

So as you think about what you are doing everyday for your business is important that you look at your sales funnel. How are you presenting your network marketing business to your prospects? Is it through a system that offers value and knowledge about how to create an income online? Is it just your primary business webpage? Is it a system that only solves the problem of traffic generation for them for a limited time?? Which one do you think would be more successful?

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