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GVO Conference Offers Web Conference Solutions

GVO Conference Offers Web Conference Solutions

GVO Conference Offers Web Conference Solutions

GVO Conference now offers web based video conferencing for any price point. Web conference solutions no longer have to cost a fortune.

GVO Conference began an international prelaunch this month of a web based video conferencing system. It opened it’s doors with rave reviews and huge membership numbers. GVO Conference may be in prelaunch but it’s no start up! Joel Theiren, the owner/operator of the very successful GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities). He has offered web conference solutions for years but now is launching a separate product that has been years in the making on a much larger scale.

Here is a little background about Joel Theiren and GVO.

In 2004 Joel Launched an AMAZING VoIP web conference solution called Hotconference. In just 3 months the product has over 7 million.. YES seven million end users and downloads..

It grew so fast, that he grew himself and his data center in Canada literally almost out of business..

It was launched in January 2004

By April 2004 it had 7 million end users! By May it had grown so big that the company that provided fibre optics to his data center told him there was no fibre left in the city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

Fast forward to 2010..

Joel relocated his family and staff from Ottawa, Canada to San Antonio, Texas.. (where fibre optics and bandwidth is truly UNLIMITED) Just so that he could re launch this amazing product and opportunity. He spent millions setting up a brand new data center in San Antonio Texas, and now 7 years later.. he is re launching a TOTALLY amazing opportunity and product..

There are many web conference solutions on the internet today. Some of the most popular GoToMeeting and WebEx. While these products may do the job, they cost at least 3 times what GVO Conference does while offering you no additional features.

Every GVO Conference room features:

  • 50 Seats
  • Full Video
  • Desktop Sharing
  • File Sharing
  • Power Point
  • Live Show
  • Browser
  • Whiteboard
  • Recording
  • All this for just $8.97 per month.
  • Why can GVO Conference offer the same web based video conferencing as their competitors at a fraction of the price? It’s a very simple answer.. they are a 12 year old company that owns their data center..owns routers owns servers..there is no middle man.

    Think about this for a moment. Just a few years ago a domain name used to cost around $100. Out of the blue came a company called Go Daddy. They charged around $10 for a domain name. Now.. Go Daddy is huge and there is not a company out there that should be charging you $100 for a domain name. Imagine if you owned your own Go Daddy business. Offering a service that is above and beyond the competition for not just half the price…for next to nothing! You will not find such unique features at such a low price point. This web conferencing solution is so simple and easy to use all it requires is simply an internet connection.

    Web based video conferencing does not have to be complicated or expensive. GVO Conference is also structured with the network marketer and internet marker in mind with a great compensation plan. It offers great commissions on multiple levels so it’s easy for anyone to generate the commission for their fee in the first month with such a low price point.

    Timing is everything in network marketing and the same is true with GVO Conference. Web based video conferencing is in such high demand as most business owners continue to make the switch from offline marketing to online marketing. The need for that personal touch is still there. You can add an additional personal touch with your prospects by having a web conference solution.

    Find out more information about web video conferencing at:

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      That sounds good, Karen. I speak fluent Portuguese and get by in Spanish and could use this for my business. Nice video, btw. Keep up the good work..

    2. Emmanuel

      Thank you Karen both for the information and the wonderful idea. I like what I see about GVO.

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