Sep 23

Hype or Offering Value – How Should You Build Your Network Marketing Opportunity?

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MLM is famous for over-promising and under-delivering. One thing’s for sure: there is a lot of hype in Network Marketing.

Unfortunately, all the hype out there creates false hope and expectations, which contribute to the negative image many people have of the network marketing and home based business industry.

If you are new to Network Marketing (or even if you’ve been in the industry for awhile), you may be tempted to contribute to all the hype out there. After all, if other people are doing it, it must work, right? It may work sometimes, usually in the short term, but something that will work far more effectively is adding true value to prospects.

People who attract customers and business partners with hype generally don’t attract people who stay very long. On the other hand, Network Marketers who attract people by providing valuable information, no strings attached, are likely to attract higher quality prospects and customers. Higher quality prospects and customers will inevitably lead to a more successful business.

Here are a few tips to help you make sure you’re adding value to the Network Marketing industry rather than flooding it with hype.

Put Yourself in Your Prospect’s Shoes. If you were the prospect, what would you think about the presentation you are giving, the ad you are placing, or the forum post or article you are writing? Would it sound like a sales pitch to you? If so, go back to the drawing board. Find a way to present your information without giving a sales pitch. You’ll be surprised at the results you get when people don’t feel like your only motive is to get them to buy something from you!

Have Integrity. If you value your integrity, you will be adding value instead of hype. You will conduct business in an ethical and honest way. Always remember that no sale or new business partner is worth ruining your reputation. People appreciate honesty, and when you show you are a person of integrity, people will want to do business with you.

Teach Others. Many people enter the Network Marketing arena with no background in business or marketing. When they see what other people are doing, they naturally join in. They don’t know any other way. When you teach others a better way–that they will be more successful in Network Marketing when they add value rather than hype, they will follow suit.

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