Nov 22

The Advantages Of Second Income Coach

The Advantages Of Second Income Coach

Second Income Coach is a generic funded proposal system that I have used for a few months. Here some of the perks I have found while using the Second Income Coach system.

I have used Second Income Coach for several months now and I thought it would be a great idea to give you a follow up on how I am liking the system and what I like about it! If you are not familiar with Second Income Coach it is a generic funded proposal system that can be used for any business. Using a front end product or system is a necessity for any network marketing business owner but it can really be a struggle for marketers to find their home sometimes.

Here are some of the perks I have found while using Second Income Coach:

* Live Training
* Reliable Leaders
* Extended Training (beginner and up..there is something for everyone)
* Great Skype leader group
* The ability to use attraction marketing within a system (your own videos and auto responder)
* The great morning motivational calls

I would rank Second Income Coach as one of my favorite funded proposal systems I have ever used. There is truly a team atmosphere and for some network marketing business owners that can be hard to find.

For more information visit:

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    Barbara you in the right place! You will learn step by step and before you know it you will be able to build a webpage in 10 min:) Thank you so much for stopping by and I think you gave me an idea… I will do some step by step training for getting set up.

  2. Mia Hienovirta

    Karen, it is FANTASTIC to see your progress during this short time within Second Income Coach System! Absolutely fabulous! Just keep it up and ask questions if you are not “getting it”. We have no “dumb” questions among us, right!

  3. Janet Legere

    Learn a little … Do a little … I LOVE it, Karen. That’s the key and what makes SIC work.

    Great post and FABULOUS video … right from the heart.

    Well done,

    Janet Legere

  4. Helga Schneider

    Awesome Video….. You have a very warm and sincere presence. Thank you for sharing your experience within Second Income Coach.
    Best Wishes, Helga

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