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Why Second Income Coach?

Why I Love Second Income Coach

Second Income Coach may be the right internet marketing system for your primary business.

Over the years I have used many different internet marketing systems to build my primary network marketing business. I truly believe the success I have had online is a direct reflection of the fact that I use systems. Using systems effectively can determine your success or failure in this industry.

Over time I have recommended many systems to you so today I started thinking about some questions any marketer should ask themselves when looking for the right system for them..

What makes a system worth focusing 100% of your valuable time on?

  • Leverage
  • Training
  • Teamwork
  • Effective Leadership
  • Front End & Back End Sales


These are just a few that I came up with off the top of my head that I am going to touch on today. These are part of the puzzle that I consider when looking at a potential system. For the last few weeks I started using a system called Second Income Coach. I wrote about it previously right here. It was created by Gerry Schroeder, but has many successful leaders using the system and training together. Second Income Coach is an internet marketing training system. It has been called the perfect marriage of internet marketing and network marketing. It provides all the bullet points that I look for in a system but it also provides something you do not always find in internet marketing systems.

Many times once a system launches things “inside” the system really seem to die down. In the beginning there is great marketing training, numerous resources available to the members. Over time though it seems many leaders begin to seem almost seem absent. It’s as if they generated the commissions they wanted to and moved on to what they see is the next best thing.

That is not the case with Second Income Coach. I have found the training calls have not only continued but have done exactly what a successful system needs to do, they have advanced!! This may seems so small but believe it of not is very hard to find.

Let’s take Facebook for example. Many network marketers are eager to learn how to effectively use Facebook to build relationships and in turn build their businesses. Second Income Coach hasn’t just provided Facebook training, they provide progressively more advanced Facebook training. If you have a new member that enrolls in the system..not a big deal..all the previous training is recorded.

Why is this important to you?

Leverage— time is so important. I know I only have so many hours a day I can spend on my business. I have two wonderful kids I love to spend time with. I love to go to their events or maybe just sit and read a book with them. We all struggle with time commitments. Maybe you are working full time and trying to build you network marketing business in the evening..time is really important.

The training that Second Income Coach provides not only expands my portfolio of knowledge it also leverages my time. As my new members come in I touch base with them, I invite them to training but at the same time the playing field is leveled with this approach. It does not matter what your new members level of expertise is, there is training available to them. Maybe they are interested in learning about using Facebook as well. I can simply direct them to where they need to go in their backoffice to start on that previous training and before you know it they are recruiting new members using Facebook as well. Those few recorded lessons could be important training for that new member and while they were learning you did not have to be there to teach them the entire way. You are simply there to direct them and answer questions..thus leveraging your time. That is time you can spend working on your own business or maybe spending some time doing something else you want to do.

Training— Many internet marketing systems offer great training but it just seems to max out at a certain point. The training in the system only seems to broaden and continues to build. You are not taught how to recruit with new members without being taught how to properly follow up with them.

Teamwork and Leadership— You will never log onto a Second Income Coach training webinar and find it’s canceled or no one is there? Why..because we work as a team. It is very hard to find someone who you can work with online. You will find most people are just looking to sell you something. At Second Income Coach we are all working for the same goal…YOU. There are leaders in many areas of expertise the knowledge to be gained is limitless.

Front End & Back End Sales— Last but not least probably something that is really important to you..sales. Using a funded proposal or funded sponsoring system combined with training is a recipe for success in this industry. This is really a two fold perk. It gives you the ability to ensure you are spending your time with the right kind of prospects.

A prospect who is willing to spend a few dollars a month to expand their marketing knowledge is a phenomenal prospect for your primary business. This feeds right in to leveraging your time. You do not want to spend all your time with someone who ultimately is not even interested in the same thing you are in the end.

The other great part of front end and back end sales is it helps you the marketer fund your marketing. Commissions you generate from sales in a system or of products should be put right back into your business in the form of advertising. Second Income Coach provides multiple streams of income and many of those streams provide residual income within themselves.

I have found over the last few weeks many reason to fall in love with SIC. I don’t think I could possibly put them all in one blog post without it being two pages long so I will keep it short. If you are still struggling to find the right environment to build your business in Second Income Coach could be your home. It could be the team you have been lacking to push you over that next hump.

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