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How To Get Organic Traffic Using The Prospect Geyser System

How To Get Organic Traffic Using The Prospect Geyser System


 Learn how to get organic traffic to your website using Prospect Geyser. The Prospect Geyser system will teach you how to increase your organic traffic all for free.


Learning how to get organic traffic can be very complicated and time consuming. However, as a marketer it is most important type of traffic you can get!

If done correctly it is the most targeted website visitor. There are many ways you can learn how to get organic traffic but many people find them very overwhelming. The words search engine marketing/search engine optimization can send a lot of marketers into a frenzy! While I love many SEO/SEM stratagies it is important if you are new to the process that you have a simple place to start. Prospect Geyser is a great solution for that. Prospect Geyser will teach you how to get organic traffic for free using just a keyword phrase strategy.

What Is Prospect Geyser and how can it teach you how to get organic traffic?


how to get organic trafficProspect Geyser is a great system that has been put together by a business partner of mine Janet Legere. Together with James Stone they have come up with a great program that will teach anything marketer how to get organic traffic to their website.

It really is easy to learn how to get organic traffic, even if you are new online. The Prospect Geyser system only makes it easier. You may be familiar with the term “keyword” or “keyword phrases” but just aren’t sure how to use them much less dive into mastering them. If that is you this program is a great start for you.

Learning how to get organic traffic can take some time but it is one of the best investments in time you can make.

This is a traffic generation method that will last long after you have placed your content on the internet. If you learn how to get organic traffic the right way it means you will have targeted prospects arriving at your website looking for what you have to offer!! Best of all they will continue to come long after you have done the legwork.

I have content that I posted a few years ago that still continues to bring opt ins daily from my site. It doesn’t get any better than that…

Click Here To Set Up Your Free Account Consider the upgrade when setting up your Prospect Geyser account. Not only will you get one on one mentoring from the entire Prospect Geyser team your ad will also be placed in a triple rotation meaning your ad is shown 3xs more then free members by site management. As an upgraded member you will also receive $20 commissions for each upgraded members…those are paid DAILY.

Please feel free to connect with me if you have any questions or if you are interested in learning how to get organic traffic using other methods.

P.S. - Are you struggling in your MLM? Are you struggling in your primary opportunity? You can finally stop chasing around friends and family with one simple solution. This is the exact system top industry leaders are using to generate upwards of a 100 leads a day.

Check it out today (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here









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  1. Johannes Breyten-Bach

    Hi Karen, I spent a lot of funds on PPC, I am now using Prospect Geyser to generate organic leads and I am very satisfied with the results. This program is highly recommended.

    Keep up the good work in helping others, you are a great leader.

  2. Judy Dickson

    Thanks for the article on prospect geyser! I needed to hear about the organic traffic and how it can increase traffic to my website.

  3. Janet Legere

    Great post and awesome video .. your poor nose!

    As Johannes indicated, Prospect Geyser can generate a lot of leads for you.

    You are an awesome leader, Karen! Thanks for sharing.

    Janet Legere
    Prospect Geyser

  4. Anshul Sharma

    I have done SEO and all in proper way still I don’t get much views and whatever I get only 5 % comes from search engines.. why?

    1. The Online Marketing Mom

      Hi Anshul! There could be a lot of reasons why. What type of SEO are you doing? Are you trying to optimize webpages? Using content distribution. There are just so many methods. Let me know what you are doing and I can try to give you some tips on the methods you are using :)

      Karen Pore

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