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Jul 19

5 Online MLM Tips Your Upline Isn’t Telling You

The 5 biggest tips to success that any online mlm business owner needs to know today!!

online mlmThe ability to build an online mlm has brought the decades old network marketing profession to an entirely new audience. With the global reach that the internet now provides many people are able to build a truly global business.

Unfortunately, when you get started it can be hard to find a sense of direction, especially with so many companies and uplines stuck in the Stone Age.

Today I’m going to give you a few tips that you can use to build an online mlm successfully.


online mlm presenceTip #1 – The first tip is for those who are new to online mlm and also for those who have some experience but just have never started with the basics. You see the real key success for anyone on the internet is having some sort of presence.

If you are talking with prospects or people stumble upon your marketing the first thing they will do is Google you name. What will they find? Will they find anything?

The first thing you need to do is start to establish some sort of internet presence. This will give you credibility in the marketplace and also help you with building a long term sustainable business. You can do this through many mediums and you don’t have to do it all at one time. You can use resources such as Facebook, a self-hosted WordPress blog, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites to get started.

Tip #2 –  involves this presence or brand that you want to start to build online. Many online mlm-ers get this one wrong and it’s really important…. It’s important that your brand or presence is about you, not your network marketing company.  Always remember.. People join people.. not businesses.

Your goal with your internet presence is to build relationships with your prospects and let people get to know the real you. This will attract more people to you. That’s why this process is often referred to as attraction marketing.

Let’s just be honest, your company doesn’t need any help branding themselves, but you do.

Tip # 3 – With so much out there what do I focus on to build a successful online mlm?

network marketing lead generationThis is a question that I get all the time!!

The #1 problem most business owners have regardless of their profession is lack of leads.

It doesn’t matter if you have what you think is the best mlm online, to be successful you need a constant flow of new people to talk to. It comes down to this – if you don’t have leads you don’t have a business. What’s even more powerful is gaining the knowledge to generate those leads yourself for your own business. Without that knowledge you will be at the mercy of your upline or even worse lead vendors. Lead generation is what you are striving to learn on the internet and to be honest is something you will always be learning.

To truly be successful at online mlm you have to master one strategy before you add another. The more leads you have, the more successful your business.

Sidetip: I learned the hard way after my first couple of years online this simple truth. The only lead you want is a lead you generated yourself.

There is never a time where you want to buy leads from someone.

These are people who are not per-disposed to what you have to offer and many times you will spend a lot of money to end up on the phone with people who just aren’t interested in what you have to offer. They usually filled out some random survey online for a free prize and then a lead company turned around and sold their name to you and 9 other network marketers.

Yes, lead generation can be hard when you are starting out but there’s plenty of training online that will allow you to generate those leads yourself which really is your first step to financial freedom. If you aren’t sure how to start this process you will see more in tip #5.

What is the biggest mistake that most people building an online mlm make?


online mlm target marketTip #4 –  They never define their target market for their online mlm.

This goes right into lead generation. For many business owners this gets very confusing from the moment they sign up in their business and it usually comes directly from network marketing companies or uplines.

The first task you will be given is to tap into what is call your warm market. This usually means make a list of your friends and family and then try to recruit them. Once you have exhausted that list then you usually told to now get into what is called your cold market (someone you don’t know at all).

One of the more popular methods that is taught is to buy a bunch of business cards and talk to anyone and everyone that you meet about your business. If this method is what you are left with, talking with complete strangers when network marketers come online they usually feel their target market is …. well…. anyone.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t just want to work with anyone. You need to decide who your perfect prospect and that is your target market.

Why is my target market important to my online mlm?

This is the most important tip that far too many people in “online mlm” don’t realize until they have been on the internet for some time and then they have wasted time and a lot of money. Developing your target market is crucial because it allows you to laser focus your marketing and really touch your prospect. You want to think of the type of person that you work the best with. The type of person that you want to spend time with. This now means that you can really appeal to that audience with your marketing and also you can work with a type of person that works well with your personality.

Tip #5- Now the last tip, I have saved the most important for last. This tip takes every tip before this and puts them all together. You need to have the right online mlm marketing tools and it is possible to have a place where you can put it all together. Without that you really don’t have a business.

So far we have talked about developing your presence, understanding lead generation and who you should be targeting. Now you need to learn how to put all these tips into play.

You need a way to learn but also be able to recruit people at the same time. The very best way to do all of this is by using a online mlm marketing system. This will allow you to learn how to market, learn how to build your presence and help do the same for anyone that you recruit.

You have to think about duplication.

Ask yourself this question “Can the person that you are talking to about your business do exactly what you just did to recruit them”? Why? Because that’s the first thing your prospecting is going to be thinking about.

Success in online mlm really comes down to helping other people. In fact that’s really the only way to be successful. A system will make that even easier for you because you don’t have to know it all.

I know this can seem like a lot to digest at one time, but I assure you using a system will help this all come together in the steps it needs to and be easy enough to understand regardless of your level of expertise.

If you need help finding a system I have put together a marketing and training platform that anyone building an online mlm can use. In fact you can take it on a free test drive by clicking the button below!




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