Nov 18

New Series – Money Saving Tips For Building An Online MLM On A Budget

Getting started in online mlm can get expensive. Today I’m going to start an entire series with some free resources you can use to help move your business forward.



In the years I have been online there have been so many resources that have come out that can be used if you are trying to build an online mlm on a budget. Some of them have been around for years and you just may not know about them, I sure didn’t when I started!

Others are newer and are much more advanced technology to help you build your MLM Network-Marketing opportunity online on a budget.

Before I kick off this series I want to be really clear to you about one very important thing. While it is very easy to build a business on a small budget especially if you are starting out it’s not possible to build a business with NO budget. There are so many people who come online looking to make extra money and they need it quickly. I understand that, I was in your shoes not too many years ago!! However, I would be doing you a HUGE disservice to let you believe that you can build a profitable business without any budget at all.

If you take this series and use these resources though you can take the budget that you have, however small it may be for building your online mlm and reroute your budget to other things that you might need to either get started and move to the next level. These are awesome resources that I WISH I knew about when I started in the MLM Network-Marketing profession. It would have saved me alot of money and by using these resources you can take some of your budget and re-route it to things you do need to get started or move your business forward.

In anything you do always make sure you are treating your business like a business. No one would ever start a business with no advertising budget for example.. but yet many marketers try to do that online and wonder why they fail… so that’s it.. I’ll get off my soapbox and get you to the good stuff :).

You may be wondering…. what will I learn about building an online mlm on a budget?


In this series I am going to give you ALOT of resources. Many of them are for anyone building an online mlm. Some will be some great MLM marketing tools, while others will be basic needs that any home business owner or even computer owner needs. What makes them great though is they are free!

Make sure as I go through this series that the resource of the day is something you actually need right now before you spend too much time getting into it. There are going to be resources that are good for anyone and there will be some that will be handy for those using particular marketing strategies.

Don’t let anything take away from building your online mlm. You can always come back and look into that resource when your ready to use it.

Let me give you an example.. a few of the resources are great if you who want to get into video marketing or want to advance your video marketing skills. If you aren’t using video marketing and you have a strategy that is working for you don’t waste your time right now learning how to use that tool. Make sense??

Take the items that can help you now and put them into practice today!  The only way to truely be successful with online mlm or even affiliate marketing is to stay in action!! I’m pretty sure that most of these resources will help anyone though!

If you have been online for a while you may remember Mike Dillard’s old series about Building On A Budget. It was an awesome course and helped so many people back then, but that was I think about 4 years ago and there really hasn’t been anything that has come out since then. There are so many new great resources that have come out in that time and of course as always the entire internet has changed so I think it’s time for an update!!

So stay tuned… your first installment starts tomorrow. 

You can also check out the series on YouTube as well. Building An Online MLM On A Budget.

Karen Pore

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