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Online MLM Tips For Building On A Budget – Advertising

Are you building an online mlm and looking for ways to save money? Check out these online mlm tips for advertising your business on a budget.

 Online MLM is not much different than offline MLM especially when it comes to introducing people to your network marketing company. You just need to be able to take the tools and essentials you need offline and convert them into online practices. Sound confusing??

That’s ok… let me explain.

When you are in network marketing on the internet chances are you have been exposed to some of the basics you need to get good at if you want to be successful in making this your career.

To be successful in this profession the most important thing you need to concentrate on is building relationships with your prospects. This is true in either world (online or offline).


You are probably pretty familiar with how to do that when your not on the internet. The problem is converting those same skills to “internet” skills.

Most online mlm-ers think it’s impossible to build that SAME relationship with a prospect in this crazy internet world?

The good news is it’s actually very easy if you put some time and thought into it. There are some things you can incorporate into your online mlm process of advertising and recruiting that make prospects feel like they are getting to know you even before talking to you.  

Your probably wondering how do I build a relationship with my prospects in online MLM? It’s nothing like talking face to face with someone.

First things first, that is true. It’s not the same. It’s learning a new skill-set and that’s what we are going to dive into in this portion of Online MLM Tips For Building On A Budget. mlm tips advertising

This all ties in to one very important thing. Advertising!! Advertising is the lifeblood of any business. It’s what creates a stream of prospects or leads coming in.

However, advertising can be very expensive especially if you are starting out and not very experienced. You can drop a LOT of money without even knowing what you are doing…. like I did:). I had to learn the hard way.

The very BEST way to build a relationship with your prospect on this big huge internet full of noise coming at them is to use one simple thing. VIDEO! It may sound strange but there are people that I get on the phone with that feel like they know me just because they have watched my videos. 

Video can be incorporated in SO many different ways ain online mlm and it literally costs nothing.

online mlm


Did you know YouTube is topped only by Google? It’s become the 2nd largest search engine. Even better, Google owns YouTube now so they LOVE to serve up YouTube videos when someone is searching for something.

This makes it really easy for you to use this powerful method in your advertising.  I will show you in one of the later installments how you can actually incorporate video into your process. What I want to focus on is how you can start doing video without spending a lot of money. 

I know you are probably a little video shy and that’s ok. I will still tell you ANYONE can do video, BUT to make you feel better I am going to give you some resources that are of course FREE to use to create desktop recording videos.

In online MLM this can be great for doing things such as tutorials, recording PowerPoint presentations… all sorts of things. It allows you to take the step of doing video without having to jump in front of the camera.  Not sure what to do a video about? Don’t worry we will get into that too. There are many things you can talk about when it comes to online mlm or even the tips you are learning right now. First let’s get to the basics of how to use these resources to create professional looking videos without spending the money on expensive professional software.  Are you ready to get started?? I hope so!! Let’s get started. Go to -> Desktop recording software for your online mlm

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