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Do You Use Safelist Advertising?

Do You Use Safelist Advertising?

Safelist advertising and traffic exchanges can be a great way to jump start your list building efforts if you are an internet marketer. Here are two great new resources.

safelist advertisingJanet Legere is a dear friend of mine and a great list building expert. She teaches many new marketers how to use safelist advertising and traffic exchanges to jump start their marketing efforts. She has been very successful at developing and using marketing systems to teach internet marketing newbies the ropes. One of my favoriate programs is Prospect Geyser which helps marketers get organic traffic to their website.

Now she has taken knowledge of safelist advertising and traffic exchanges to another level by launching her own products. The #1 thing you need to remember in safelist advertising and in using traffic exchanges is know your audience. Members of these sites are typically internet marketers. They are interested in products or systems that will advance their internet marketing knowledge. They are NOT interested in your primary business. To be successful using these methods be sure you have something to offer that the audience will be interested in.

If you are using safelist advertising here are some great new resources for you to use to advertise your website.

Prospect Geyser Coop

Prospect Geyser Coop is a great place to use safelist advertising to send ads to other members.

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PG Traffic

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