Jun 21

List Joe Update

Many marketers have used the safelist/credit based list for years!! In fact List Joe is one of my favorite safelists and one of the few that I still use. It was established by owner Jonah Klimack in 2005 and continues to be the premier place for many internet marketers to use for certain types of marketing.

Everyone has been in an uproar since the site has been down. The last time any List Joe mailers were sent was June 1, 2012. We thought we had an update when last week this was posted on the List Joe website. Is Back!

We are currenly working on repairing Listjoe after a recent hacking/phishing attack. Control of the domain was lost but thankfully it has been restored and we hope to be back up by Sunday, June 17th, 2012

More details will follow…

Jonah Klimack Owner

It seems that maybe they spoke too soon. As of today the site is still down and from what I can tell still no word that any advances have been made. Let’s just hope that List Joe gets going soon!! :)

In the meantime I have been using a great new mailer owned by a great friend of mine Janet Legere. She is an amazing internet marketer and great teacher as well!! It’s free to join so go check it out.

I will update as soon as possible on the status of List Joe.

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  1. Caroline

    Thanks I have been looking for updates on List Joe everywhere

  2. Van Maria

    Thanks for the update… am wondering what is going on with List Joe

  3. Bonnie

    Love PG Coop. Janet is amazing!

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