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You Can Get Generate Targeted Website Traffic, Not Traffic Accident

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You can generate targeted website traffic to your website pretty easily if you just dedicate a little time each day to it. It is the number one way to build your business. But how do you do get people to visit your website? How do you ensure that when someone Googles key words associated with the content reflected on your website, that it is your site that appears at the top of the search results? Simply put: you must promote your website through a number of methods and channels. And pick those channel appropriately so that you generate targeted website traffic. The people you really want to see it! Here are some of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website:

One thing you can do is get listed with multiple search engines. Don’t stop at Google, as there as numerous search engines out there, including: AltaVista, Metacrawler, Ask, Yahoo, MSN and newly launched Bing. Make sure you are listed with at least three major search engines. Statistics show that nearly 50% of website traffic results from search engines. The three biggest search engines out there are: Google, MSN and Yahoo. Don’t stop there, though. Keep in mind search engines that are in your area of interest/expertise; in other words, do your research to find out which engines people use to find out about the product or service you’re promoting.

Create a blog. It’s so easy and it’s so loved by search engines. Once you’ve created a blog, don’t forget to update it as frequently as possible. If you can post something on it daily, then do so; at the minimum, make sure you consistently post on your blog once or twice a week. When you are posting thing of keywords that are related to your business or website and be sure you post a link at the end of your blog entry back to your website. By sticking with keywords that are relevant to what a prospect will be looking for to find you, this will generate targeted website traffic back to your site. Stale content is bad for search engines. Don’t forget to link your blog to your website.

Promotion through social networking. Maybe you don’t like Facebook because you honestly don’t care what somebody ate for breakfast. But don’t forget that social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even basic emails are vital marketing tools. Combine this with business cards and face-to-face communication and you have a recipe for marketing success. Studies show at least 20% of website traffic results from word-of-mouth, so get connected and never stop promoting your business.

Banner advertising. Studies show that banner ads tend to be better remembered than other forms of advertising. You can pay to post your banner ads on other people’s sites, or why not look into banner trading? Seek out other companies that are not your direct competition and see if they would be willing to trade banners with you. You may be advertising for them, but they’re also advertising for you – and it’s all for free. Check it out.

These are only some of the ways to increase traffic to your website. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your content fresh, link to as many affiliate sites as possible and to promote – whether through social networking, face-to-face or emails. Think about the keywords out there that will drive the right traffic that you want. Drive traffic to website, not away from it.

Welcome to the superhighway, where rush hour is welcome – and traffic accidents are to be avoided.

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