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Residual Traffic – A Revolution In Traffic Generation


Residual Traffic – A Revolutionary In Traffic Generation



Residual traffic strategies simplified for any marketer. Here the top four strategies that I love that will generate traffic for life to your site.

  Residual traffic is nothing new to seasoned marketers. In fact it’s where most internet marketers derive their traffic from. However, many people feel like it’s too complicated to teach new marketers and leave them stranded out in the cold jumping from strategy to strategy trying to master skills that are quite frankly no less complicated. If you are new to the internet there is going to be a learned curve for you. Why not start out with a leg above your competition by learning the residual traffic strategies most guru’s use without telling you.  

So what is residual traffic?

    Most of us have heard of residual income on the internet. In fact the network marketing profession is quite popular in the home based business world so many of you are in the profession of network marketing on the internet. Residual traffic is really no different than the concept of residual income. You do the work once and profit from it forever. To understand how to generate residual traffic you do need to have some understanding of how the internet works. But if you are going to run a business on the internet I really think it’s important that you understand how it works anyway! That just makes sense. When you are running a business online it’s not enough just to have a website. You need to know how to get people to that website. For many new marketers that only happens through word of mouth or advertising to their website. While it can take some time to see results it is possible to set up marketing that points back to your website. Once you set this marketing up it’s out there on the internet forever, always point back to your website.

There are many ways to generate residual traffic, but here are my top 4!

* Blogging * Article Marketing * Video Marketing * PPC Marketing   Each of these methods will take some time to master but are for sure going to bring “residual traffic” to your website. The best way to get started is to master one method at a time. I do recommend that you start with blogging because it can become the foundation of everything you do online. It’s a great place to put your videos and articles as you expand into those methods. Running a business on the internet is not much different than in the offline world. As your business expands you are more successful. The same is true online. Expanding your real estate online or establishing new websites is important but the most important by far is your blog. You can build residual traffic for years to come using it.   There is one key thing you must master for any of these residual traffic strategies and that is using keywords. If you aren’t familiar with keywords they are very simple to understand. When someone goes to a search engines and types something in to a search bar that brings them to your website that is a keyword. A keyword is simply a search term. The key to residual traffic is targeting the RIGHT keywords. It’s not extremely complicated but it’s something you must master if you want to run a business online. As I said before why would you run a business online without understand how the internet works. Keywords ARE how the internet works so whether you want to master residual traffic strategies or not you need to understand keywords and how they apply to you.   Last year I established an internet marketing and training center called Online Green Profits. It’s designed to teach marketing skills such as residual traffic so you can be successful online. If you aren’t sure exactly how keywords work or would like to learn more about residual traffic click here to sign up for a free account.    

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