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Use SEO Article Writing To Bring Traffic To Your Website

SEO article marketing is something I use to bring traffic back to my blog. Find out how simple it is.

article marketing for seoArticle marketing and blog posting is something that I do weekly and is such a simple and free strategy.
There are many benefits to using seo article writing for your online business or website. The greatest is that once the article has been written, it’s on the internet forever.  It is linked with your website like a permanent impression.
If you really want blog posts and article writing to help build your website it’s very important that you remember consistency.
Pick the time that works best for you. Maybe start out writing each week, then go to twice a week. Do what you know that you can do with your schedule on a consistent basis.
Doing that will not bring traffic over night to your site, but over time will bring targeted prospects which is exactly what you want.


Here are some ways you will be able to utilize seo article writing to boost your status on search engines.


seo article marketingOne: Write articles which use a conversational-style of language.  Folks that read online prefer short, concise sentences and direct language so be sure and keep it simple.  Always remember despite the fact that you may be well-versed in a niche such as search engine marketing or affiliate marketing your prospect may not be. You need your potential prospects to feel educated by reading your article, not confused.
Two: Tie your advertising campaign in with your article.  It can be using pay-per-clicks, banner advertising or just repeating your website URL several times throughout your article. Put it all together before you submit your articles to a directory.  Link up all your stuff and get it out on the web! If you don’t have a strong presence online, someone else will and all your efforts will be pointless.
Three: One of the biggest tips for seo article writing is using the exact same set of keywords throughout your article. It will gain popularity on the different search engines by doing this. Use keyword phrases that are different ways of pointing back to your business or website. Maybe concepts that are used to describe your product or service. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer, you might want to repeat and use a a phrase like, “home-based business opportunity”.  Google and other search engines will pick up on this type of keyword strategy and like it. It’s best to use the keyword phrase in the title, and three to four times in the article body.
Four: If you want your website to be ranked at the top of search engines, then you must have new content linked to your site on a regular basis.  Search engines are always looking for the most updated information on a particular subject. Older content falls down the list of favorites fairly fast. So you will want to continually refresh content linked with your site. You will not be doing yourself any favors with your search engine ranking.  One of the best methods of new content are press releases and articles. These are favored even more when submitted through an article directory site. That site will in turn distribute your article to a host of different search engines.
It has been shown statistically shown that article writing can increase traffic flow to your website by about 30%. That is substantial growth that can be done for free.
If you don’t feel you are a great writer you can even have someone write your articles for you. It’s not that expensive to do and there are a lot of places online to find freelance writers. A good example is (formally Odesk)
One thing you do want to remember about seo article writing is that it will benefit your site but not overnight. It does take some time for the article to start to appear on search engines. Be patient and consistent and you will reap the rewards of seo article marketing.
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